Sunday, June 12, 2011

lesson of the day: it never hurts to ask

I spotted this piece of Pyrex at a yard sale.
 When I asked if there was more Pyrex for sale, look what the sellers brought out of their house for me:

Just thought I'd share so you'd have something to keep in mind next time you're out Pyrex hunting  :)

Lucky thrifter


  1. OH MY WORD!!!! WOW!! I think I would have done the happy dance on the spot ;)!! Just amazing- I am sure it made your day! :)

  2. Wow!! I'm so green with envy!!!! I "decided" I would start collecting Gooseberry in pink...well, you collect what you FIND and so far I've collected a lot...but, no pink!! Congrats on a wonderful find!!!

  3. Whoa!! That's awesome! I'm never not asking again, you hit the jackpot!

  4. uhh....WOW!! and i'm sure they gave them to you for a steal, too!! congrats fellow pyrexer :)

  5. I paid $35 for all of it, which isn't ridiculously low price I've seen some people pay at yard sales (the seller knew that pyrex is collectible) but I still think it was a steal (cheaper than the thrifts).

  6. It was definitely a steal!!! Congrats on taking a chance and asking! :)

    -- Erin {}