Monday, June 27, 2011

My yellow summer loves

A short while ago I pledged to thrift only close to home - or elsewhere but only if I had another purpose for being in the area - due to high gas prices. I did break my rule once over the last couple months, but I found nothing after 3 hours of driving around to numerous thrifts.

So I'm back to shopping 'locally' again, and have been handsomely rewarded! I found this lovely yellow Hostess 2.5qt casserole with its lid, and very few scratches, at SA for $8.
Love that lemony yellow colour!

And yesterday I think I gasped a little when I found this Gourmet casserole. 
I didn't remember its name on the spot, but I suspected that it was a promo. I was right! It's from 1961, and they issued 3 versions of it with the most popular one having the delphite interior. This one is a lovely soft yellow with gold leaf. It's in great shape and has never been baked in, probably just used for serving and storage. $5 at VV with no lid. It's only the second promo I had ever found at a thrift so I'm pretty happy about it :)

Thanks for reading! The Vintage


  1. I just found that yellow hostess casserole today!!! I had to buy it even though it was more than I would normally pay, since I had never seen it before. I also got the little ramekins that are the same color. I'll be posting pics this week on my blog - so funny to see yours - great finds!

  2. Love those, especially the yellow gourmet!!! :)

  3. Wow I have the gourmet dish with the delphite interior. Had NO idea it also came in that wonderful buttery yellow!
    Excellent find!!

  4. Nice finds! I want a gourmet dish, lol!!

  5. Thanks everyone. I was really surprised to find the Gourmet too. It wasn't something I was looking for, but I love it now!

  6. Thank you so much for posing the pic of the Gourmet. I picked up the same one at Value Village last Fall and had no idea what it was called or the year it was produced. Mine didn't have a lid either but I use it as a sald bowl and it looks great!

  7. Oops, above comment should say "posting" the pic of the Gourmet and "salad" bowl.