Monday, June 6, 2011


Recently we have acquired these interesting teapots. First, a few weeks ago we came across this pretty Corning Ware teapot at a local junk store.

Since I already had two, I left it behind. A couple weeks later we returned and it was still there. I took it as a sign and she came home with us for just $1, perfect condition! I think the pattern is called Meadow.

Then this weekend we found this blue tint Flameware teapot. It looks barely used, no scratches and the stainless band looks shiny and almost new. It is the first time we came across one of these that was reasonably priced, $3 rather than $30-$40 like we usually find. I love using this, you can see exactly when the water starts to boil.

Does anyone know how to date these? I know they were made over several decades. Mine has stamped on the bottom centered in a circle:


C (flame logo) 9



TM Reg

Made in USA

Thanks for any info you might have!

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  1. I only found my first flameware coffee percolator a week ago, so I'm no expert, but I *think* the style of lid on yours (its a fin, not a knob) makes it older, like possibly the 40s. Nice find!