Monday, June 6, 2011

Bear With Me, Please. It's Been Awhile

Awhile since I posted and I've found some PYREX!!

 In no particular order....Found some Old Town salt and pepper shakers.

 Was SO excited to find the red Hostess casserole. No matching small bowls..but the lid was with it! I think I'll keep that one. Also snagged a blue casserole...not sure what it is or what it goes with, but I like the color.

 This weekend I went to an estate sale and scored 3 out of 4 pieces of the Primary Colors set!! Now I need the red one.
 Check out this set! I got a box full of it...over 20 pieces...for...are you ready?? $3!!! Plates, bowls, chop platter, cups. A replacements site calls this Maroon-Gold. There's a version without the gold band as well. Anyone know anything about this set?
 Got this one today. Paid a little more...but I'm thinking Barbed Wire is not found fairly easily.

 Got this Flamingo pink 8 1/2" pie plate at a yard sale. Guess I need some Barkeeper's Friend!!

 Anyone know if this lid goes to this divided casserole. It came with a Verde lid..but the casserole is pretty yellow..not sure I like them together.
And how can I pass up a small Cinderella Spring Blossom bowl for 50 cents? Totally don't collect Spring Blossom...and no, I'm not in denial. I sold a bunch of it before I moved. I have 3 of 4 of a mixing bowl set. Just need one more piece, then I'll sell that set. But 50 cents!!! I had to grab it.

Most of these will be headed to my Etsy shop..or my antique booth. I'm really focused on getting red pieces and turquoise Butterprint. But since reading these blogs...I can't seem to pass ANY Pyrex up!! Let me know if any of you want any of these..maybe we can work a trade!


  1. Very nice finds! That pie plate has been loved, but that's nice. I'm sure it will clean up well.

    And very nice find on the primary set. All I have so far is the yellow bowl! I'm sure you'll find the red when the time is right.

  2. Love your finds! I have a solid red 401 and a solid red 402 that are looking for a new home... I don't collect red, but the price was right and they were in pretty good shape! I believe the 402 goes with the primary set and I thought the 401 went with the Friendship set, but it doesn't appear so from what I can see online. The red is exactly the same on both.

  3. @jennadesigns-- wow! awesome! I think the 402 is what i need. this set doesn't have numbers on the bottom. But the red one i need is the 2nd size up. Sorry for the newbie question!!

    Let me know what you want for your bowl or if you'd like to trade!

  4. OMG!!!!! The dish set is like WOW! and if it's Pyrex or not...WOW! the other pieces too!

  5. I'll try and get a good picture of the 402 bowl today and e-mail it to you ... I'd just love to trade for the 471 Spring Blossom you found.

  6. @jenna

    Sounds great! email is


  7. I should have mentioned in the post that the dish set IS pyrex. Marked in gold on the bottom.
    There's a Flamingo version as well.

  8. Wow, wonderful finds! I love the maroon china!