Friday, June 3, 2011

Yay for trading!

My Pyrex acquiring has slowed right down lately. I only collect a few patterns which I don't often find so there have been many trips to the thrifts but nothing to show for it.  Trading has been a great way to add to my collection.

I just completed my second trade and got this adorable minty pink Butterprint.
I did also thrift another addition to my Friendship collection. The red 402 that's a bit scratched up, but still shiny.
That's all I got in a month, but I'm very happy with both of them :)


  1. I'd be happy with that!! Nice pieces to add to your collection..

  2. what set do you think that red bowl is from? i found the same red as a 404 this morning, but i don't know the set

  3. Leslie, I'm pretty sure my red is from the Friendship set. Yours might be one that they sold separately. I uploaded an ad here where it's listed on its own, next to the primary bowl set.

  4. I didn't even realize that Butterprint came in pink! So nice.