Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Finally found some Pyrex!

Took a 100-mile road trip today to visit hubby's former colleagues and we hit up a bunch of thrift stores along the way there and back ... my only take-home finds were from two different Goodwills. The 503 Pink Gooseberry Refrigerator Dish and Pink Desert Dawn 2 quart baking dish were each $2.99. I have a spare lid for the Gooseberry at home that I'd picked up for 50 cents a while ago... so I'm planning on keeping this one in all it's minty goodness!

And at the second Goodwill, this promotional 1963 Golden Honeysuckle Casserole came home with me, with it's original lid, in excellent shape, for another $2.99. And along with it came a very minty 024 Round Casserole with lid in Opal White for the same price!

I will say that I didn't see much other Pyrex out there today, with the exception of one thrift store, which was charging worse-than-antique-mall prices for their very banged up and dishwasher-scared pieces. Want a run down of the atrocities?
3 pieces of a 4 bowl Primary set, with very little paint left: $41
A black snowflake 045 casserole, no lid and scratched to death: $12.50
A Spring Blossom 473 bowl, missing paint on it's handles as well as scratched throughout: $12
A 444 Early American Bowl is decent shape: $18
A 442 Early American Bowl in rougher shape: $12
A 475 Round Cinderella Casserole in Autumn Harvest, $16 with no lid.
and the only piece I would have considered buying?
A Pink Daisy Divided Dish with lid, $22.50 (no way for that price!)

So, what atrocious prices have you seen while thrifting?


  1. Wow you've had some great luck with Gooseberry lately! Congrats on all the finds :)

  2. SCORE! You found some great pieces! I would love to find a dessert dawn lasagna gish :)