Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Uncommon Finds

Today was thrifting day for me! I hit up three suburban thrift stores that I don't usually frequent, and I found some uncommon finds. Well, for me at least. It seems the most common pattern I see in my town is Spring Blossoms. I find those pieces just about everywhere I go. But today I found...

"Designs"! Or "Fishscale". I think I like Fishscale better for describing this pattern:
I've never seen this pattern in the wild, and I didn't even recognize it as Pyrex the first couple times I went down the aisle. When my eyes finally settled on it suddenly it dawned on me that I'd seen this pattern on Pyrex Love. 

Okay this next one really threw me for a loop. 

It was down on the bottom shelf at Goodwill, and I saw the familiar white cornered handle sticking out from under a pot. I dug it out, excited to see what Pyrex pattern I had found...

 Are those... DUCKS?!

Has anyone else seen this before? I immediately thought, Oh this isn't Pyrex after all... and I turned it over, expecting to see "Pyr-o-rey" or something on the bottom. 

But it did say PYREX!

I had no idea. 
 Ducks. Huh.

But I bought it, even though I'm not a fan of wilderness graphics such as this. I figured I might as well get it, seeing as it seems to be a rare (?) design. I wonder if it's promotional?

Next, I found:
 And I can't find the name to this pattern - anyone???

Also, today I found my first piece of English Pyrex!

 More common, but new to me, I found my very first Snowflake Blue dish:

I was especially delighted that I had a spare lid for it at home. Yay!

Finally, my first Butterprint! Other than a couple fridgies, that is. 

But this was my first BIG Butterprint find. I was so excited. 

 And she's in very good condition. I am so happy. I've been waiting for more of this print to find me. This find made my day. 

Yes, I'm liking the blue Pyrex dishes. 

Until next time... Corning Ware dreams & Pyrex wishes.


  1. Wow- that's an awesome day. I love the ducks- I've never seen anything like that before...

  2. The gold casserole is Golden Wreath - I found the same one a few weeks ago - minus a lid but with a cradle. I've never seen the geese pattern before either - I wonder if it's English? You sure did have a great day - lots of fun to find all those great pieces...

  3. Excuse me - I should have written ducks, not geese. Hah!!

  4. Love your finds! I also have the gold casserole...Golden Wreath and I love it.

  5. Thank you both! Golden Wreath sounds right, I had remembered seeing your post here with the same pattern and I *knew* it had a name.

  6. These are fantastic finds! The Golden Wreath casserole is beautiful.

  7. On the ducks, I did find some English Pyrex online that had ducks, but mine says USA on the bottom and didn't match any of the English ones.

    I'm stumped!

  8. I would post your duck casserole pic in the Pyrex Love flickr group and ask for i.d. help if you haven't already - it's the best place for help! Lovely finds btw!

  9. OOOOH! That is quite a haul! The Design casserole is beautiful.

    I've never seen the one with the ducks before, it reminds me of the Tally Ho design.

  10. Wonderful finds! Such nice designs too. Love-em all!

  11. You found some really great pieces! I hope someone is able to give you some answers on the duck casserole- I'm very curious myself!

  12. Good stuff! Let us know what you find out about that duck casserole, it does look English to me too, but it says USA...strange!

  13. Wow, that's a lot of awesome-ness!! Wonderful finds!