Monday, June 6, 2011

Clear Bottom Beauties

Last week I picked up this set of clear-bottomed  Pyrex bowls at a tiny little antique market off the side of Broadway in Denver. (When I spotted bright colored bowls I slammed on the breaks and made a beeline for the Pyrex!)

I bought this set with a few other Pyrex dishes - I got 6 pieces for $20.
 Can anyone tell me more about the bowls with the see-through bottoms? I can't find much information on them, and for all I know they aren't vintage at all.
 But regardless of when they were made, I'm very fond of this blue set!
Until next time. 
Corning Ware dreams and Pyrex wishes!


  1. Oh so pretty! I love the dark blue. I've seen a few of the clear bottom bowls, but not in these colours :)

  2. those are in such nice condition too! i've seen some before, but all scratched up.

    pretty blues!

  3. I love the blue bowls! I think all the clear bottom Pyrex bowls are from the "Design" series, and there's quite a variety of color combinations and sets. I have a couple of sets, and found a black bowl not too long ago. From what I've read, these bowls are from the late 80's and early 90's time period.

  4. You bought a mixed batch. Here is the original ad for Pyrex Designs sets.

  5. You found a great buy...very pretty too.

  6. I just purchased a yellow Pyrex bowl with clear bottom, and found your blog through a search to find out more about it. I guess it's newish, but still beautiful! Mine is yellow. Glad to find your blog!

  7. Are the brightly colored bowls with clear bottoms dishwasher safe?