Monday, June 20, 2011

Shenandoah, Flamingo Pink and Snowflake Blue

I picked up some pretty pieces this past weekend at Goodwill. My first find was the Shenandoah 401 and 403 bowls for $5.
I'd never seen this print before - but there was no way I could leave behind such a pretty pale yellow set!
The next item I spotted was a 403 mixing bowl in the Snowflake Blue print. Blue pyrex is my favorite - and this bowl was in such great condition (and great price: $3) too. I already own 2 403 bowls (in Spring Blossom Green and Butterfly Gold) but I prefer the 2 I picked up today, so I may have to give away my 2 original bowls.
The final piece I found was a flamingo pink 2 quart round casserole for $4. It was missing its cover and has a small chip...but its is scientifically impossible to leave behind a pink pyrex item, right?


  1. Really nice finds!! I love the Shenandoah pattern, and wish I had more pieces of it. Yes, I believe it is scientifically impossible to leave a pink piece of Pyrex behind!! :)

  2. Not true, I left that exact pink casserole with lid at a Goodwill. It was perfect but 13 dollars and I was broke. But congratulations on your finds! They're beautiful :)

  3. Thanks SharonLou - I'd love to find more Shenandoah pieces too !

    Melissa N - wow, a perfect pink casserole with a lid? Can't believe you beat the scientific odds and left it behind ;-)

  4. I love the Shenandoah pattern. I bought three casserole dishes last year for my daughter (small, medium and large) at my local Sally Ann but they somehow didn't make over there!! However I did give her some Old Orchard bowls which she really liked!

  5. LOVE YOUR FINDS. I love anything pink, and I would have picked it up too...even with the chip.