Monday, June 6, 2011

In denial about collecting Spring Blossom

Some of you have posted on here how you've 'accidentally' completed a bowl or refrigerator set. I can see that. Maybe you're like me and stash your Pyrex all over the place. Until one day you put two and two together and...voila! A completed set. But have you ever accidentally collected a pattern?

If you asked me, I would tell you that I only collect Friendship, turquoise, and black & white. Really? Then why do I have over 10 Spring Blossom pieces??

I can't seem to pass it up whenever I see it. I have about 10 d-handle mugs, plus all of these:

 I just got this oval 043 this weekend...
 Here they are together. Plus, I also seem to a have a thing for olive greens...
Time to call a spade a spade. "I am The Vintage and I collect Spring Blossom"... :)


  1. I too have more spring blossom than I'd ever planned. The gravy boat is a fave. Mine are the 'new' spring blossom in that pretty lime green.

  2. I started buying Spring Blossom Green as well. My mom had the SBG Corelle dishes and my sister ended up with those (plus some from my MIL) but then I got all the ones my grandma had (my mom and grandma got them at the same time when they first came out). Now I am always on the lookout for matching pieces, but I don't think of myself as a collector because we use all the SBG.

  3. @Sandra - yeah it creeps up on ya! The new spring blossom is really pretty, and the colours more 'modern' than the olive green of the older one.

    @Sunshine - I also grew up using the corelle spring blossom pieces. Probably why I can't pass them up..fond childhood memories :)

  4. I love the Spring Blossom pieces, and I have quite a few, but I have more Butterfly Gold than anything else! I love it ALL!!