Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pink & Aqua for summer!

Today I picked up my first two pieces of pink daisy Pyrex from a friend here in my city who sells Pyrex, as well as collects it. I found a pink scroll dish last summer, and have two dishes in pink gooseberry, but two weeks ago I did buy the three stacked gooseberry dishes from this same friend. Today, in a lovely gesture, she gave me the Ovaltine Mixer glass/pitcher, as she knows my husband and I love Ovaltine. (I'm British and got him hooked on it a long time ago...) :-)

I took some time this week to put away most of my Pyrex into two cupboards after deciding to just display the pinks and turquoise/aqua colours for the summer - not that I have many, by any stretch of the imagination. So, today I took some photos for my own blog and for this one.

This is also my official thank you to whoever owned these lovely pieces and kept them in mint condition for the last fifty years or so!

I've also put up a photo of my late mother-in-law's Pyrex dish in the starburst pattern, which sat in our cupboard for years, until I started collecting Pyrex about two years ago and realized what I had... along with a 1940s full set of the primary bowls. Yikes. It sort of scares me to think of what I might have tossed or given away in the past, not knowing what I had. Thankfully, I saved the primaries and the starburst!


  1. SWOON(!) over the Starburst!! You have wonderful pieces. :)

  2. Thanks, beetree! When I first started collecting, I tended to buy everything in sight :-) but I'm becoming more and more fond of specific pieces. Having said that, all Pyrex pieces are special and it's nice to know that so many vintage dishes are being re-cycled and up-cycled and appreciated.

  3. Love the starburst!! gotta keep my eyes peeled for that one!