Thursday, March 8, 2012

desert dawn

well, I think we can all agree
that vacation pyrex is some of the best pyrex to buy
especially when you find that not ALL antique malls are charging 
an arm & a leg for some pieces
I don't believe I have ever seen Desert Dawn in person
until vacation last month
and for $6 I picked up these two little pretties
I've got to find some way to stack these two pieces before
any more thrifting for me!
and just like many of you that have been posting lately
I'm starting to have to get very selective with the patterns I pick up
I'm just about at maximum capacity here
happy hunting


  1. Good finds. I'm very selective about patterns now and have some I've decided to trade or sell also. Just so much room to keep all these pretties.

  2. Great finds! I too am getting more and more selective because I am running out of room!!