Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Family Flair

Just when I thought I knew everything about all things related to Pyrex, I came across these beauties
Pyrex Family Flair dishes.  I found 4 Yellow Petal (formerly called Quince) dinner plates and 4 salad plates and 4 Sea Isle (formerly called Chinese Grass) dinner plates and 4 salad plates.  Looking for more online I have found that these dishes are pretty rare and hard to come by so I feel really lucky to have found these.  They are in excellent condition. They aren't all that fancy but I think they will be my holiday/dinner party plates.  Now I have something new to search for while out thrifting/antiquing.

Happy Tuesday, Pyrex Friends!


  1. You never know everything about Pyrex. There's always something new to discover! :)

  2. I love Family Flair, I have a few pieces too. Nice find!

  3. I adore family flair 💙 I have a good size collection but am always looking for more 💙