Monday, March 12, 2012

Oldies, but Goodies

The thrift stores must have seen some house clean-outs, because I found some old-timers.

Pie plates...I have so many pie plates! I can't help myself - if it has "$", I buy it! I really need to start making pies.

Pie Plate

Pie Plate - Bottom Stamp
The bottom stamp.

I'm stumped with this little guy. Is it a fridgie dish of sorts? Some type of utility dish? Yup, it has a "$" on the bottom.

Unknown Glass Dish

Unknown Glass Dish - Bottom Stamp
The bottom stamp.

And finally, another stumper. Is it a carafe? Was it for a restaurant? It's from Silex Co. and the lid comes off completely.

Silex Small Carafe?

Silex Small Carafe

Silex Small Carafe - Stamp
The stamp.

I'd appreciate a history lesson on any of these! :)


  1. I have the pie plate, it was my Grandmothers

  2. I believe the $ is the very first backstamp that Pyrex used.

  3. The $ stamp was used up until the 1920s. I buy all $ stamp pieces that I find that are not chipped or cracked.

  4. The small rectangle bread pan looks like what came in a child's set called "The Pyrexette" as seen on page 25 of Barbara Mauzy's book "Pyrex The Unauthorized Collector's Guide". The set included a casserole with a lid, bread pan, pudding or baking dish, pie plate, two custard cups. Set was availabel from 1925-1929 sold for $2.00.