Thursday, March 15, 2012


Here in the Great Northwest, there has been quite a shortage of decent Pyrex.  Sure I can still manage to come across at least 2 yellow Primary 404 bowls in a week along with a never ending supply of Spring Blossom.  But that all changed last week.  I managed to find some awesome pieces and I didn't have to go into one single antique store to get my fix!
My husband brought home the Colonial Mist 404 and I got the Old Town butter dish from a mobile home community rummage sale.  It was only 50 cents!  The Desert Dawn yellow 024 and lid were a steal from Goodwill for 99 cents FOR THE SET!  Crazy.

I got this HUGE 9" x 13" Snowflake Blue casserole dish and this 8" x 8" lime green square browning pan at the same Goodwill on the same day!  All of us Pyrex maniacs know that doesn't happen very often!

And let's not forget about the Butterprint refrigerator dishes and Family Flair dishes I blogged about earlier in the week.

Wow, what a week, huh?  Hopefully this is only the beginning.......


  1. You were surely in the right place at the right time - lucky! Love the Snowflake pan!!

  2. Love all your finds.....but especially love the Snowflake Blue pan and Desert Dawn 024!

  3. People are starting their spring cleaning!!WooHoo!
    Good finds will start to show up again.