Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mystery dish

Hi all! This is my very first post here, though I've been commenting for awhile. My sweet husband picked up this little green casserole for me for $4 today, minus lid. It's a one quart dish, and it says that it's a 473. My question is, is it a verde or is it "vintage" (the one with the grapes on the lid)? How would I know? There's another number on the bottom but I can't tell what it signifies. It's 23 or 29 or something, I can't remember.

I look forward to posting more of my collection!


  1. Verde set.

    It's a 23 on the bottom.

  2. Welcome!

    It's from the Verde set, it would have come with a clear lid. The #23 is the mold number, and really means nothing to the collector. 473 is the size/model, and this is a 1qt casserole.


  3. Thanks guys. How do you know it's the verde and not the vintage? Since they are both the same size and everything? Is it a different green than the vintage?

  4. Yes, it's definitely Verde. The one with the "grapes" lid is a different darker green - I only know because I have both of them!