Monday, February 20, 2012

Turquoise & Pink Have a New Home

While doing a little thrift store/antiquing this weekend, I found this cute old utility cart
It used to be pink and was in pretty good condition with only a few rust spots.  I wish I had gotten a before picture but my husband got ahold of the spray paint before I could.  It is turquoise now (sorry about the shadows).  Since he was doing all the hard work, I gave him the option of colors.  Being the guy he is, he obviously chose the blue over the pink.  Now it proudly sits in my kitchen and holds all of my turquoise and pink patterns
How lucky am I to have found a guy who can wield a can of spray paint? 

Have a great week!


  1. I love it!! Wish I could find one like this, and also an old Costco stool!

  2. I have the same cart only yellow and it definitely could use a paint job. What color did you use?

    It looks amazing!

  3. how fun, i am totally on the lookout for one of these carts!

  4. I have my grandmother's old cart (pink) in my studio, but it needs a new caster, so it doesn't get a ton of use yet because it's on my neverending "to do" list, lol. I love the idea of using it for pyrex... my cupboards are at the breaking point, I need a new display solution, hmmmmm!

  5. What a great idea! I have a cream colored one but it only has 2 shelves. Maybe I'll keep an eye out for a 3 shelf one...for my turquoise and red pyrex!

  6. Love it! They look so happy to be together on the little cart.