Sunday, February 5, 2012

Some yellow, some lids and a mystery piece.

Some yellow Agee Pyrex that does need a clean on the inside but so bright and in good condition I just had to have it - $2.

Some lids for some of my new Pyrex. I picked them up two of them for $1 but one was $2.50. I got a bit carried away and bought a clear pie dish by mistake thinking that it was a lid. Hmm. I think they look fantasic with their new get up! Not sure if the top one has the correct lid although it fits perfectly. It just looks a bit high, what do you think?

I bought this dish for more than I should have but it was still very reasonable if you compare it to paying new prices. It is unmarked and to be honest I didn't check the bottom until I got home. Do you think it is Pyrex (does some Pyrex come unmarked). If not does anyone know who would have made it? Thanks in advance!


  1. I have a couple of pices from that same pattern, it's JAJ, English Pyrex, the pattern is called Toledo. Mine has the identification markings on the bottom. It's such a cute pattern, good choice!

  2. Those are all great pieces- love the patterns!