Monday, February 27, 2012

The drought ends with... Christmas?

I've been in the worst Pyrex drought here, lately! In fact, my husband and I thrifted 6 stores today, and I found nothing {except a few mugs, as shown below, I'll come back to those...}

Then finally, at the end of the day I was out running errands alone when I decided I had to stop at one more Goodwill today. Alas! Finally, some Pyrex success!

Yes, it's a Christmas dish {1960 Holiday casserole}, but I was still over the moon to finally find this! And I adore the Christmas Pyrex and have very much wanted more, so this was an exciting find for me. I paid $4.99, and it's in fantastic condition. It didn't have it's lid, but I found a knobbed lid a few aisles from this dish, it's marked Pyrex and it fits, only 99 cents! Works for me.

These "mugs", known as Drink-Ups if I'm correct, were the only other find of the day. I paid $1.50 for all three. I've never seen these in the wild before.

A couple weeks back I visited a new thrift store in a suburb of Denver, and waiting for me on the shelf were these two Gooseberry pink Pyrex dishes. I was thrilled, of course, as pink Gooseberry is among my very favorite patterns and I didn't yet own either of these. A 503 fridgie and a 473 casserole. $7 for both! Great condition, too.

Oh, and then there's this! Two flamingo pink 080s!
I *ADORE* this size! It's so cute. A friend recently found herself a lime 080 and when I saw it in person I knew I had to have some. 

So I cheated, I bought these on Etsy.
And I paid the most I've ever paid for Pyrex before, but what can I say? We'd just received our tax refund and I had a little $$$ to splurge with. I couldn't help but make these mine. They are absolutely mint, so there's that.

And so my pink collection has grown! Hurray!
Hopefully it keeps growing.

And hopefully, my Pyrex drought is officially over. 



  1. I started reading this and thought "Look, someone besides us is in a drought!" But then I saw the picture and realized it was you! Oh my. Hope you had some good luck this weekend!