Friday, February 3, 2012

The Pyrex Gods Are Smiling...

I've had such good pyrex luck lately.
Found these beauties on my way to do a trade. I stopped in at my local VV at 2:30 in the afternoon and they were just sitting there. I couldn't believe my eyes. The 401 was 2.99 and the 403 was 4.99.

I found all of this one day... a JAJ black snowflake, an old orchard divided dish (which isn't a pattern I like, but, this specific dish is growing on me.) a clear fridgie (which I think is newer) a little blue, a red 402(both from the 1940s primary set, the red is for trade) and two pink cake pans that were ridiculously dirty with baked on gunk. I soaked and scrubbed and they look way better.

Got all this today; A woodland 441, a lime green pie plate and utility dish, a daisy divided with cradle, two red fridgies and 3 pink dinner plates!(they're in awful shape, but, I had to have them)
The Woodland has a funny story behind it. Well, It's actually kind of a sad story... It was awful, I picked it up and next to it was its mate, a 442 that had been dishwashed. Then if that wasn't enough I saw an older asian lady with a Gooseberry pink casserole dish in her cart. I went up to her and tried to explain that it couldn't go into the dishwasher, she smiled and nodded and muttered something in a very thick accent. Almost like she didn't understand me. I went off to look around the store for a bit in the hopes that she would put it back. No such luck. Oh well, Poor Gooseberry. Save the Pyrex!

If you want to see better photos or more of what I've got recently wander on over to my flickr!
I hope you've all had luck as good as mine!
Happy trails!


  1. So many finds! All from thrift stores? I probably would have gotten the pink plates, too. Love it all, especially the lime green and pink cake pans. I've been craving some lime green myself but haven't found any in decent condition

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment last week.

    This is such a unique blog - I never realised that so many different variations of pyrex existed! What an original hobby to have - Sharon

  3. All in one day, thats amazing! Wonderful pieces.