Monday, February 20, 2012

Any Explanations?

I was out at a "local" (It's an hour from my house in Toronto) antique market on the weekend and found this! I've have been thinking "Shenandoah" was the name of this pattern...

I posted this photo to my Flickr ( and we thought maybe they thought "Shenadoah" was too "American" and they changed it's name for Canada to Wintergreen. We couldn't imagine what they were thinking. how does this pattern look wintery at all?!

So, HoneyberryHaskap said this in regards to this find on Flickr  "Here is the official word from Corelle Corner:
In Canada, Shenandoah was named Wintergreen instead, but the pattern is exactly the same. It is still American-made Pyrex, but in a different box."
It's always neat to find little bits of information like this lying around.

Also, If you're located in or near Toronto and are feeling vintage thrifty there's a clothing (and other cool stuff) sale happening on Sunday Feb,26. Check out the link for information. It's going to be great! Clothing Sale!


  1. Great tidbit of info for all of us Canadian Pyrex people!

  2. How interesting, I love history mystery, and because of your research we have an answer.
    Great blog.