Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fridgie Dilemma

I have a quick question that maybe you can help me solve... but first a story.
One of my first pieces was a horizon blue 501 fridgie, a few weeks later my mother found me a 502 that was blue. Then I went out to pick up a few pieces from a woman including 2 red 501s. Just last week I was at my cottage and found a yellow 503 at an antique shop for 11.00. In a few months I had collected the entire primary fridgie set, and all with lids. Now, in the last few weeks I have collected the exact same set just without the lids... or so I thought...

So, now my question to all of you is what is the difference between the horizon blue 502 fridige and the primary blue 502 fridgie? This may seem to sound like a silly question and I feel a bit a silly asking it but, I've looked all over and can't seem to spot a difference.
Can you help me?
My complete(?) primary set.

My Horizon Blue Fridiges

My lidless primary fridiges.

Now, my next question is: I bought this yesterday off a fellow collector. I knew it had utensil marks on it but I was unaware as to how bad they were. I've tried Weimans and BFK. They've worked but only marginally. what would you suggest?

Thank you!!!
Happy Hunting!


  1. I've had some luck on utensil marks on the paint by using a good quality silver polish and a pot scrubber pad.

  2. Regarding your blue fridgies: the Horizon blue is a medium turquoise; blue tinted with green. The Primary blue is true blue, no turquoise tint. I have both sets and while they are both medium blue, there is a noticeable difference. Hope this helps!

    I have come across what look like Primary blue 501s but I'm not sure what set they are from.

    Regarding the utensil marks, if they are on the inside you can try Magic Eraser, but don't use this on the painted surfaces.