Sunday, February 26, 2012

Orange Butterprint!!!

I found Orange Butterprint at the Nashville Flea Market yesterday! I am so incredibly excited.

They're so beautiful!

Now to find some Pink Butterprint...

PS. My friend also found some Pyrex goodies which you can see here.


  1. Way to go:-) I found the 444 a few months ago and was so excited, too! I have NEVER seen the pink in person. Hope you find it.

  2. Love it! Good luck with your pink search!

  3. Oh, you lucky dog!! Those are pretty:)

  4. Just got some orange, kinda, myself. Have to pick it up from my friends house! Never seen the pink in person... but my boyfriends grandfather has a ton of pink Pyrex (Butterprint included) that he won't give us! He lives in Ohio & we live in Toronto... have yet to see it!