Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Almost There!

(I'm So close to finishing three more sets of Pyrex in my collection!)
Here at the Casablanca I collect all the standard shaped Pyrex in four colors. Turquoise, Flamingo Pink, Chartreuse Green, and Solid Yellow. I just need a yellow 8" Pie Plate, a Yellow 11"x8" long pan, and a Turquoise 8" round cake pan to finish up three more sets!
Just recently we won a 8" Pie Plate so now just two more pieces to go!  You can read all about them and the big goings on in the Kitchen of the Casablanca over at my Blog "Everyone Goes to Mick's"! I just switched the "records" out of the Jukebox for Prom 1958, so go read and have a listen!



  1. I love those dishes and remember them fondly. They were happy dishes and a pleasure to see and use. I have a few old pyrex dishes pans around, but not any of the colorful ones. Your collection makes me want to head off and visit the nearest antique store. I want a new set of dishes!