Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How It All Began

In honor of Valentines Day, I thought it would be appropriate to share with you all how my love affair with Pyrex began.....
Last summer as I was browsing around my aunt's vintage shop, I came across these cuties.  Now, at the time I was pretty unfamiliar with vintage Pyrex.  The only other time that I had really heard anything about it was in a magazine article in Country Living.  But the bright dots caught my eye and it just so happened to be a bonus that they were Pyrex.  I had been bitten by the Pyrex (Love) Bug!
I never really felt any urgency to complete this set.  I just figured that I would pick up the pieces as I found them.  Boy was I wrong.  Not only are the New Dots pretty hard to come across, any Pyrexer knows that you will pay a pretty penny for them.  Lucky for me I got the "family discount" on the first two.  Then one day around Christmas, I was browsing around a little antique mall not too far from where I live.  I'm not a huge fan of this store because they seem to carry more new but made to look old than actual old.  Well as I was walking out, I caught a glimpse of blue dots out of the corner of my eye and low & behold, it was the 403 New Dot.  It was in almost perfect condition and I braced myself for the price.  10 bucks!  Not bad.  Even better was the fact that I was standing in a 50% off booth.  I kid you not, I got it for $5.00!

I immediately became obsessed with completing this set.  I HAD to have the green dot bowl.  I have stalked watched them on eBay but they always went for way more than I would be willing to pay. I saw one at an antique show in Washington last month but the seller REFUSED to barter on the $80.00 price tag.  I was so sad.  It was the first one that I had ever seen in the wild. 

Until now.
Behold the wonder that is the green New Dots bowl!  This is what browsing eBay at ungodly hours of the morning will get you.  I kid you not, it was listed 3 minutes before I found it and at an unbelievably fair Buy it Now price (even with shipping).  I am so proud of this set.  And this, fellow Pyrex friends, is where it all began.

Now if I could just find that first Rainbow Striped bowl a new obsession could begin....

Happy Valentines Day!!


  1. The green dots was the last one you needed to complete your set, but I only have the green one and I need all the rest. Congrats!

  2. So glad you commented on my pyrex organizers so I could find this wonderful site! Love these!