Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pyrex III is Here!

Jeni B from In Color Order has once again created a beautiful page for the third Pyrex Collective. Check it out now! If you have emailed me requesting authorship (gee, I never talk that way), I will begin entering my backlog of emails. I'm working on report cards, but I hope to have the new members added within the next day or so. Thanks for being patient.
To Jeni - thanks on behalf of everyone in the collective.
Butterprinterly Yours,
Erin H


  1. so exciting! ready to get started! :)
    kimberly from

  2. Fantastic to know, thanks for sharing, Mick! Oodles of thanks, too, for your comment today on my vintage brownie pie recipe. It warms my heart to know you enjoy trying out the fun old school recipes I post on Chronically Vintage.

    Wishing you an amazing February!