Thursday, February 9, 2012

Recent Pyrex Finds

Hi all,

It's been a while since I posted here, but not really for lack of finding things more for lack of time.

I found this old Agee piece a while back, I use it to keep my buttons:

I found this little Butterfly Gold Pitcher at Vinnies for $3.00. It's really cute, but a little too small for making lemonade or iced tea. I was speculating on my blog that it could be used for sauces to go with casseroles cooked in a matching dish (it is Pyrex after all, it can handle heat).

I also found the Pyrex canister and turquoise dish pictured in this picture:

I've been loving reading all of your updates, keep 'em coming! Come by and visit Canine Thespian for more about Pyrex, thrifting, crafting and other awesome things.

xx Nicole


  1. Love that old Agee piece. Love the oval shape of it.

    And I want that Pyrex turquoise square bowl! Dang that is pretty...

  2. The pyrex turquoise square bowl is part of the chip dip bowl set. I also have the same one as you and hopefully one day I will come across the bigger bowl but so far no dice!

  3. The square turquoise bowl is not from the chip & dip set. There is a little handle on the corner, so it's different from American Pyrex. In Australia these little bowls were made in tons of colors and patterns, in sets of 6. This one came from a Harlequin set, each one was a different color, red, yellow, pink etc.

    1. Oops, I totally didn't see the handle on it the first time. I have never seen this particular piece but it sure would be nice to have one in any colour!!
      Thanks for the info...