Saturday, February 18, 2012

Heirlooms, Vintage Items and Pyrex

Hello fellow Pyrex collectors and thrifters!

I have posted on here a few times with items from my collection, pyrex in action, etc.

I am currently working part-time on my Masters in Human-Computer Interaction and design. In one of my classes we have an assignment regarding heirlooms and heritage. Being a lover of all things Pyrex, I immediately thought about the community we have here and the collection of vintage milk glass (and similar communities).

The class itself is a research methodologies course, so we are researching information for potential designs.

We did an interview with a fellow pyrex collector, where we discussed her personal heirlooms including these beauties....

And to broaden our research we are doing an online survey. I felt like the people who follow and are a part of the pyrex collective would provide amazing insight.

If you have sometime and feel like helping out some students, please fill out the survey! All of your information will remain anonymous.

Thanks so much for listening and in the greater sense for participating in this awesome collective! Feel free to pass the link on to others you think might be interested or re-post on your personal blog.

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