Saturday, April 30, 2011

Some pink!!!

I know it may not be a big deal to everyone, but I am new to collecting and have been dreaming of a pink piece for MONTHS :)! Well, Thursday was my day! I went to my favorite thrift store (which has only had dark patterns the past few weeks- stinker- I love the brighter colors) and saw nothing. Then my lovely mother noticed an employee stocking things in the bakeware area. We ske-daddled on over, and there it was--- a pink gooseberry 442 bowl!! I squeeled- so much for hiding my excitement! ;) I was more than thrilled to see this pattern in real life and to be at the right spot at the right time to snag it. It was $4, but to get a pink piece, I gladly paid it :). It's nice and clean, ready to be lovingly used, here at home now! Woo-Hoo!

Today's exploding pyrex

Popular Science Magazine online just featured an article today regarding current Pyrex and why the glass is not as heat resistant as it used to be, thus more prone to shattering with drastic change in temperature. Old Pyrex used to made from borosilicate glass but now it's made from soda lime glass. Soda lime glass is actually stronger than borosilicate glass though less resistant to heat. It's considered stronger because it's less resistant to shattering upon dropping. Interestingly, US Pyrex is the only one that made the switch to soda lime. England, for example, still uses borosilicate.

They Sure Don't Make Pyrex Like They Used to

Another interesting fact: Apparently, Pyrex used to be utilized in the illegal production of crack cocaine but, in 1998 when they sold Pyrex to World Kitchen and they changed the components of the glass, it became more difficult for dealers and makers to make crack! They had to go and buy Pyrex science glassware which is still made the old way.

Enjoy your weekends!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pyrex loot!

Yummy Pyrex finds today ... barbed wire promotional divided casserole dish ($4.99); round cinderella casserole 474 in Autumn Harvest (Wheat Stalks) with lid ($3.99) and an Old Orchard round cinderella casserole 473 ($1.49) at GW.

A little while ago, I also picked up this great Pink Daisy Oval Open Baker (not thrifted, actually paid eBay prices for this one!)

I'm going to agree with other posters who seem to think that people are cleaning out their houses this spring... so happy to see Pyrex on the thrift store shelves again!

Happy Daisy

It was such a wonderful surprise finding this daisy divided while the rain came down in buckets yesterday. 

Found at VV for $7.99, which is not bad since I've seen much higher pricing there.

I'm having such a blast collecting Pyrex and hope to find more beauties like this!  :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Love Spring Time

I love spring time for many reasons; the weather, longer days, flowers blooming...pyrex collecting!

Look what I came across today:

A Yellow Desert Dawn, what pyrex love calls, utility dish ($2). Though you may not be able to see by the picture, it's not actually a solid yellow color. It's speckled with brown dots! They were made in pink with red speckles too. My pyrex collector's guide says they were first introduced in 1955. How FAB!

I also found this:

A 2 qt Holiday casserole, 1961 promotion ($4). SO pretty!

Of course I will be using Bar Keeper's Friend to polish these up!

Happy Wednesday!

Wine Minimalist

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Heart Bar Keeper's Friend!

My mom told me any Pyrex I found in her cabinets I could keep. I searched thoroughly for any trace of the Butterfly Gold pattern dishes. My parents received this set as a wedding gift and over the years, pieces have been broken, lost, and misused at the hands of their children (Sorry, Mom!).

My searching paid off. I found two pieces! One bowl that had suffered some type of burned food incident that was no doubt, my fault many years ago. If I had found this piece at Goodwill, I probably would have left it on the shelf. Now I know better.



This bowl has looked like this for YEARS!

After a few minutes of Bar Keeper's Friend

Lovely set (I can't figure out how to rotate the picture.)
This was my first attempt with Bar Keeper's Friend. I am really impressed! I can't wait to clean up some more pieces. I now have two FREE pieces to bring to my home. I love Pyrex gifts.

Bowls In My Kitchen.

Found Pyrex on a recent thrift store excursion.

Oh how I love Pyrex.
The colors.
The beautiful white milk glass.

If I could
I'd have a kitchen
of colorful Pyrex.

Anyone else out there
feel the same way?

Cmon, I know you do.

Bonita Rose

How Do I Purge?

I have only been collecting Pyrex for a few months but I can see it's going to be a problem. I have no where to put it and I picked up several pieces because they were good deals and/or I was excited just to find them. Several pieces are no where near mint and some have been VERY loved.

We have a garage sale coming up this weekend and I am contemplating putting some of them in the sale. I hope they go home to someone who loves them and has the room. I'm trying to purge NOW and maybe use the money toward the patterns I prefer.

How do you purge? Sell or donate?

Maybe if I put this pyrex into the universe, I will receive it back ten fold--and hopefully in NEW DOTS form. : )

Monday, April 25, 2011

Strategic or Random Pyrexing?

My Babies

I've been watching Pyrex Collective for some time now, after my fellow pyrexic Erin {Erin Ink} and I linked up on Craigslist.  You see, I was in the process of downsizing and I listed several pieces on Craigslist with a promise to my husband that my collection would not grow past a manageable state.  You see, Ive been after him for years about his Star Wars and Transformers AND comic book collections that just sit in boxes taking up precious space and we all know that when you downsize homes, alot has to go.  So, I graciously agreed to give up a few pieces and at that time, my most prevelant pattern was Butterprint, so I let some of the others go.
Spring Blossom (not pictured are dinner, salad plates and teacups)

Fast forward 2 months and I swear its like pyrex has come out of the woodworks and into our apartment. I dont know how it got there. I swear!

I have had great luck at flea markets, antique stores (the secret is to look in the booths that dont specialize in housewares/glassware), and enlisting family and friends in other states (Thanks Ma and Meek).

My three main prints (as of now) are Butterprint, Spring Blossom and Butterfly Gold.  I feel good about the amount I have collected from these and can move to other patterns.

Not pictured: a Friendship casserole, 2 Daisy Casseroles, Americana fridgie set and bowls and this bad boy which is my most expensive ever and will not be repeated, lol
I love the orangey/yellow tone of butterfly gold
(coffee cups not pictured)

Meet the Browns

Ive got the blues ;)

They look lonely without matching friends
The question is what pattern do I put my effort into now?  Im really diggin Woodland, Barcode aka Stripes (so elusive), Horizon, Terra.  Do you purposely search out your favorite patterns or just pick up whatever tickles your fancy? 

I have a big flea coming up in a couple of weeks...I hope to report back a serious haul!


Sunday, April 24, 2011

I just have to share!

My wonderful family indulged my addiction and we hit up 8 places in one day! My hubby is excellent at spotting pyrex but often encourages me to go over my price limit. I think half the fun is finding these treasures at great prices. He even taught my nine year old son to spot pieces.

I had to leave behind lots of pieces because they were priced SO high. One set of three Americana bowls was priced at $84!
Here is my haul on my kitchen counter ready to be washed. I picked up some Bar Keeper's Friend and will try it out for the first time. I know it's hard to tell in the picture, but I will go into more detailed pictures on my blog later. I got my first Friendship and Daisy pattern! So excited. I also scored a few pieces last week (my first fridgie!). After a long drought, I am on a roll and way behind on taking pictures!

Happy Easter to everyone!

A good Pyrex week

After finding a mint woodland casserole and a snowflake fridgie, I ended the week on a high note by finding these all in one day, at 3 different thrift stores:

The horizon cinderella bowl is my fav score of the day.  Hopefully I'll complete that set some day!

People are definitely spring cleaning and I'm loving it.

So happy with how my collection is growing  :) 

Hoping you all had a wonderful easter weekend filled with nice treats.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Last minute pickin's

I felt like I needed a break from life today, so I went to the thrifts! It was a bit late and a Saturday so I knew it wouldn't be the best pickings. But I did find this:

At $3.15 I couldn't leave it behind. I believe this opal white divided dish does not come with a lid. But I'm not sure. I also read that these opal white dishes are less common than other pyrex patterns. Does anyone know anything about this particular dish?

Happy Easter to those who celebrate!

Recipe Puppy

Friday, April 22, 2011

Isn't This Cute?

Scored this one for $4. It was in the antique section of a thirft shop. Passed up on 4 that were colors I am not interested in, but they were reasonably priced.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

This is my first post at the Pyrex Collective II.  I have been collecting Pyrex for a few years now, and most of my treasures come from thrift stores.  I don't visit the thrift stores as often during the spring and summer, but I do really enjoy checking in here to see what everyone has been finding.  My most recent find was this precious, never-been-used Old Town Blue Sugar & Creamer Set.  It was still in its original box.  Other than that, I haven't had much luck lately.  Nice to meet all of you!   

I caved but I like it

Confession: I caved to Ebay! I bought some pyrex from the website about a week ago and just received the last piece today. At first I felt guilty but now I feel it was totally worth it! (But I don't plan on doing it again...unless I get a really good deal!)

First, I bought two butterprint fridgies. I won the auction for only $2.50 but with shipping it ended up being around $12. Not tooooooo bad, right? These are my first fridgies ever and I didn't realize how small and cute they were! (Also, my first butterprint!)

Then, I bought this 1.25 qt snowflake rectangular dish that I've been hollering about for a while for my dad. His mother owned it back in the 60s and when I started collecting pyrex he told me I had to find it for him. So, I did! He'll be thrilled! Hopefully it's the right one...

This one was a bit more expensive at $9.99 but, $18 total with shipping. The shipping really kills you. But, I think it was all totally worth it! Especially because I don't think I'd be able to find these particular prints in my area very easily.

Tomorrow's Friday!!! Yay!

Recipe Puppy

Two days in a row

Seems I might have been in the thrifts again today ... shh... don't tell! Picked up this 1 pint Early American Cinderella casserole 471 in very nice shape for $1.50. I have an extra lid in my stash to swap downstairs. I wonder if this commits me to searching for the rest of the Bake, Serve and Store set?

What about $20 will get you!

I had the most awesome thrifting Pyrex week recently, ending with some great finds yesterday. This 043 1 1/2 quart oval casserole is one of them. In pristine condition, it was a mere $3. Just look at that gorgeous lid! It will be staying with the husband and I as it matches our dishes and is one of the patterns we're collecting.

Another piece I found recently is this great 053 2 1/2 quart Snowflake promotional oval casserole. It's already been scrubbed cleaned and had a tuna casserole baked in it! For only $1.25 I couldn't go wrong. It's also staying with us!

I also snatched up these two great oval casseroles: Bottom one is 053 Autumn Harvest (Wheat Stalks) and the top is an 043 unknown promotional pattern. I'll probably keep the lids from these, as I have a couple that are sans lids, but trade the casseroles themselves.

Many of you know that I already collect this pattern, but the price was too good to pass one these. These is the Early American Cinderella bowls in 444 and 443 size. I also have the matching 441 Cinderella bowl, so I'm pretty close to having a second set... which I obviously don't need, so they're up for swap!

Here's another great piece I came across within the week, an 043 Gold Butterfly Oval Casserole without a lid. It's the 1 1/2 quart size and in great shape - also available for trade!

And finally, this great Autumn Harvest 1 pint 401 bowl also found it's way home with me. It's up for trade as well!

If you're interested in any of these pieces, check out my Pyrex For Trade Flickr set! In the meantime, happy Pyrex hunting!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I love snow in April!

No, not the real kind of snow we've been getting.  But I do love me some snowflake Pyrex fridgie!!!

I had only a few minutes and decided to do a quick stop at a VV I've never found anything at.  Lucky I did!!

I was so surprised to see this beauty sitting right on the top shelf, in plain sight!  It's got a chip on the lid and some scuffs but the pattern is perfect and I couldn't be happier with my 5 minute thrift trip.

It was $7.99 but they took $1 for the chip on the lid.  Unfortunately they charge tax at VV, unlike SA and GW, so I ended up paying $7.90. 

One is not like the other...

One of these dishes was purchased off Etsy and cost an arm and a leg...

...the other was a $4 SA find in perfect condition...
I love them both (almost) equally. Do you like your 'expensive' Pyrex more than the stuff you thrifted, or is it all the same?

Beautiful Turquoise!

We recently hit the turquoise jackpot! In one trip we found all of these beauties. Turquoise is one of our favorite colors so we are thrilled.

I love this 024 2 qt casserole; it is such a useful size! We have a pink one, and hope to find other colors too.

My husband found this small Balloons dip bowl, so cute! Now we are on the hunt for the matching chip bowl.

This is a Butterprint 4 qt bowl in beautiful shape.

And here are a 402 bowl and a 503 refrigerator dish. Now we just need a 401 bowl and one small turquoise fridgie to complete both sets.

Happy spring to all!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Found: Yellow and Green - 10 Oz Pyrex!

Found these and I had to bring them home! I am going to enjoy these beauties in my home till they sell! Pyrex Pixies!

Now listed in my shop!

Aren't they oh so colorful?

Bonita Rose


A $13 Day

For $13 today I got 2 cake pans, an orange bowl and this lovely coffee carafe with a warming stand! One cake pan and the carafe were $3.18!!! The orange bowl the most $7 at Goodwill.

I love the design on this, any idea how old? Any info at all?

Here are 2 more that I bought a while back. I use them to keep sewing things in. This way they are useful but nobody breaks them!

Here is another design. Again any ideas on name, age???
This one is a favorite. It feels 50's to me. I am also figuring out it is hard to photograph glass!

Seeing Red

After that great weekend I was fairly sure I was destined not to find any new pieces for quite a while.

Decided to swing by the local goodwill on the way home anyway and look what what waiting for me!!

4 quart red bowl in pretty decent shape. A few scratches but the color is perfect!

It is a cellphone picture so it looks kind of orange. But it is bright red!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Pretty good weekend :)

Found a few Pyrex pieces this weekend!

A 471-B Shenandoah in pretty good shape.. a few scratches but still purty! :)

And a PRISTINE set of Early American fridgies (with no lids.. boo!)

Hope you all had a happy and successful hunting weekend!

Amanda J