Saturday, July 30, 2011

Recent scores

We had two great weeks travelling in Europe recently but after finding no JAJs to bring home, I was in serious need of a good Pyrex fix.  Well boy did I get one yesterday!  Look at this beauty waiting for me at VV:

A huge square base delphite!!  What made it even better was the price.  Only $3.99!!  I hugged this baby with a big smile on my face all the way to the cashier!  :)

Later in the day, I met a lady on craigslist who was moving and selling her mother's Pyrex.  I happily took these off her hands:

The fridgies are older ones, since the lid has the flat part in the middle.  Even though the lids have a lot of little chips, the paint on those fridgies are near mint.  Someone took very good care of these babies for many years!  I know the lid on the orange 043 doesn't belong to it, but I found it earlier in the day for a dollar and it gets the job done.

Like a few others around here, I've also done some great trading.  Got these today:
So happy to have the small designs to go with my bigger one to complete that set.  And you can't go wrong with teal snowflake and a lime pie plate  :)

Tour de (Pyrex-Laden) Kitchen Cabinet

I'm rapidly hitting the point where I have Pyrex stashed all over the house. At the moment, there is Pyrex in the kitchen cabinet, displayed in a bookshelf in the dining room, on top of the refrigerator, on top of the shelves in the living room, on the bench in the dining room and on my bedside table.

Here's my kitchen cabinet:

On the top (basically unreachable) shelf is my recently completed set of Pink Gooseberry Cinderella bowls. I never set out to collect Pink Gooseberry, but my mother-in-law still has the complete set from when she was first married in 1958. Most of them are in pretty bad shape, having hosted 50+ years of dinners, family get-togethers, and not a few trips through the dishwasher. But, for some reason, the 443 was still in pretty good shape, and she gave it to me a few years ago.

Since then, we found the 442 in the discount section of a Jubilee thrift shop in central PA (yes, they have a discount section in the thrift shop), the 441 at Unique Thrift in suburban DC, and just last week I found the 444 for $10 at an antique shop in Uniontown, PA (while sneaking out of a business trip to Pyrex hunt!). I think I paid $15 for the whole set, when all was said and done.

Next to the Pink Gooseberry is the Butterfly Gold gravy boat. I found mine without the underplate, and have been on a multi-year quest to find the underplate. If anyone has one to trade...

Below the Pink Gooseberry is the square Yellow Hostess set. You can see the larger bowl and lid- the smaller bowl, with lid, and two of the small ramekins are nested inside. The two bowls are one of my best ever Pyrex finds- $7 for both, including lids. I love them so much, I actually paid $7 EACH for the little ramekins when I found them at an antique shop several years later. I justified it by figuring that $21 for the whole set was still reasonable.

(Does anyone else find that the smallest pieces often have the highest price tags? Is that because the small pieces are "cute", or that they were used more, broken more, and therefore more rare?)

Next to the hostess bowls, is the Cranberry Visions set. I received these new shortly after graduating from college, and have dragged them from the East Coast to the West Coast and back again. Several times. I don't really think of them as collectible, and even thought about giving them away to make room for more milk glass Pyrex, but I'm glad I held onto them.

If you look closely, there are some Spring Blossom Green mugs mixed in with the coffee mugs. These were a gift from the woman who runs the Pyrex Museum in Bremerton, WA. Last August, we ended up with an opportunity to visit the Seattle area, so making the trek to the Pyrex Museum was one of our must-see sites. We took the ferry from Seattle to Bremerton, walked around the town and spent over an hour in the Pyrex Museum (I'll post pictures in another post). The owner, Amy, chatted with us and told us how her Pyrex collection started, shared some of her favorite pieces with us, and was asking what brought us to the museum. When we told her we had come from Washington DC to see the Pyrex Museum, she was floored that we even knew about it. She videotaped us talking about Pyrex for her local cable show, and then gave us the mugs as a gift. Interestingly, the two mugs have different stamps on the bottom- one indicates "microwave safe", the other does not.

Last, but most used, are the 501 fridgies and the cream and sugar sets on the bottom shelf. We have the cream and sugars sets for Old Town Blue, Golden Butterfly and Snowflake Garland. The creamers make great milk pitchers for cereal on breakfast trays. There is also a Federal Glass orange "atomic dots" bowl. It's my place holder until I find the REAL orange dots bowl!

Hope you enjoyed the Tour de Kitchen Cabinet.

Trading Success!

Check out my sweet Pyrex additions! At the beginning of the month I posted on here and my own blog with a picture of pieces I no longer wanted and was willing to trade. SUCCESS!

With my new Pyrex friend Linda, I traded the Blue Horizon 045 for the Snowflake 045. I love the oval casseroles and was hesitant to part with my Blue Horizon 045 since I used it so much but it didn't go with my collection. Problem solved! Perfect.

Then, with my new Pyrex friend Lisa, I traded the Blue Horizon 443 for the Butterprint 471 (top right) as well as another Butterprint 501 (tiny fridgie). The pattern on the 471 is so mini and adorable!

This means that I am now one piece short of a full set of set of mixing bowls, 470 casseroles, AND refrigerator dishes. AHHH the torture! Does anyone out there have the Butterprint 404, 503, or 472 and want to trade it for any of my remaining pieces?

And now we're off to Bele Chere for a day of good friends, music, art, and food. Can't wait! Hope you all have a great Saturday as well.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Butterfly Gold Glassware

Two days before my best friend's birthday I walk into the Goodwill for an unrelated reason. I walk out with these:

Butterfly Gold Glasses! The exact pattern my friend collects, and he and his partner always need glassware. The best part is the "set" was marked at $6 and it was half off that color tag.  12 glasses or $3! The bottoms have an Arcaroc France stamp, which is interesting as the seem to produce mostly restaurant ware. Though my family did own their Octime pattern when I was in high school.

On a whim I searched Butterfly Gold on the Replacement Ltd. site. Oh HELLO! There are pictures and descriptions of all the possible Butterfly Gold items. Including these glasses, and flatware. Flatware?! Who knew? Granted they probably only have information on the Corelle compatible patterns, but still. What a great new resource! 

I have a larger post on my blog Vintage Spinster about all the thrifty gifts I gave my friend for his birthday. (Or I will once I give him his gifts this afternoon. I couldn't resist posting this on PCII first!)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

black & white

I really haven't found much black & white pyrex in the past
but I did find this little dish while thrifting
yes, I was thrifting again - teacher's need something to do during the summer, right?
I picked it up for $4
It seems like on Etsy it is being called Black Scroll
Couldn't find much on Pyrex Love
I am missing the lid, but hey, something to search for
hoping the good pyrex karma is widespread!

Hello, and some highlights from my collection.

Hi! Allow me to introduce myself, as I am a new member of the Pyrex collective. Until last week, I was a graduate student living in Tucson, AZ. In order to give myself something to do outside of my studies, I started collecting pyrex two years ago. Now, I am staying with family members in Phoenix, until I move to Germany for a year of research in mid-september.  This means my collecting has been put on hold for the forseeable future, and a purge is in order. However, I'd like to show off some of the gems of my collection.


Navajo and Seville casseroles. When I saw them at a consignment shop, I squealed. I paid $20 for each of them--the most I've paid for any piece of pyrex.

 Red hostess dishes. I also have a yellow set, but red is my favorite.
Golden tulip and golden honeysuckle. (Not pictured: a larger golden honeysuckle that is new in the box!--$8 at St. Vincent De Paul)
 Solid Turquoise (including a chip and dip, but without the elusive wire cradle)
 Snowflake garland--this is one of my favorite patterns, and I'm looking forward to collecting more of it, including the coordinates, upon my return to the US.

Terra--people tend to be divided about this pattern, but I rather like it.

I am looking forward to sharing more with you all!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Wonderful Weekend and Monday :)

So..I have never seen a pyrex dish so tiny. So I have to share :)

 Bought this little guy at GW for .50 cents!

I also found some more goodies while I was shopping, you can check them out at my blog.


simple finds - simple joys

this morning I made a quick thrifting run & was quite successful
first I spotted the pink daisy casserole dish
and for $4 I couldn't pass it up
typically I'm not a huge pink fan, but lately I have been eyeing the 
wonderfulness that is pink pyrex!
at one of my last stops I found the 401 blue I have been looking for
to complete my primary colors set
unfortunately this little guy is a part of the "newer" set
but it was in amazing shape, and I figured it will do for the time being
especially again for only $4
(I've decided that anything pyrex gets a $4 price tag at this particular thrift store)

and after all this, the only challenge I have is the constant re-arranging that occurs
with every new amazing find!

More measuring cups!

So I went thrifting last week and I found this:

Can anyone tell me more info about it? I know it's old due to the D handle but it looks different from the one I found previously (below). The pyrex logo is different:

Now I have these four measuring cups. Though, I'm not positive that the one on the extreme right is pyrex, since there is no pyrex stamp on it. Plus the bottom says it's probably not pyrex I'm guessing.

Also, I recently moved to a new apartment so I had to take inventory of all my pyrex. Here is a nugget of some of my collection. I'm planning to do a blog post of it all on my blog so don't forget to check it out!:

Happy Monday!

Bluegrass, Autumn Band, Laurel Leaf... I call it Turquoise Loveliness!

Hi Everyone, I wanted to share a new (to me) pattern that I picked up at my local Sal's while out thrifting with the husbundo (lucky I married someone who thinks it's fun to look through other people's old junk treasures).
Anyway, my Pyrex radar went off immediately upon walking through the door. I ditched my man and and beelined it for the dishes because I saw some turquoise reaching out to me from a little stack in the center of the shelf.
I've only ever seen these tableware pieces online, never in person. They're wonderful! Great condition and the color is really vibrant,
My only dilemna now is I originally thought I might resell them, but they are growing on me. Fast. I've already eaten off them. Twice. I don't even mind that the dinner plates now have to be hand washed.
How do you all make the decision to keep or purge when it comes to such beautiful, beautiful Pyrex?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tulip & Butterprint

I haven't posted here in a while. It doesn't mean I haven't acquired any Pyrex, though. In fact, I've only been collecting for a little over a month and already have amassed quite a bit. It's actually scary how obsessed I've become... but I know I won't be judged here. :)

Anyway, this is what I bought while in Monterey, California. I love the tulip print, and the Butterprint fridgie is my first fridgie.

- Cara-Mia

Turquoise Eyes

These just sold on eBay. I had been watching them for days...I wanted them so badly. Apparently this pattern is a bit of a mystery. It has only ever been seen on 401s and 403s and they are usually completely unmarked. Nobody has ever seen a box for them, so nobody knows the official name of the pattern. Pyrex Love just calls it "Eye". They just look so gloriously retro! I WANTED them. 

So last night, with ten minutes left to go, I started bidding...then a little higher...and then a little higher and then a little higher. Then I was rationalizing it to myself that they would be an early birthday present to myself (it's in August). Then I had to stop, it was just too much.  (And my friends were waiting on me to go out to the bar and didn't understand why I was so excited to bid on a couple of old bowls.) I'm glad I cut myself off; they ended up going for $78.77 plus shipping! I'm not going to lie...if I had the extra money I probably would have kept bidding. I'm so sad they're not coming to live with me!

What would you have payed for them?

Friday, July 22, 2011

vacation find

today I found this little beauty while antiquing in Long Beach, CA
I loved the starburst & it reminded me of my dishes back at home
after we had our fun visiting all of the awesome vintage shops -
 I was determined to find more information on this little casserole dish.
However, I haven't had success yet!
Does anyone know anything about this one?  
I found a little info on Pyrex Love
but nothing on Ebay or Etsy!

My pyrex find this morning

Greetings fellow Pyrex hoarders collectors,

This is my first time to post but I couldn’t resist sharing my find. In the Dallas area, it seems like thrift stories rarely if ever carry any vintage Pyrex (lots of the clear stuff – but no fun colors or patterns). That means most if not all of my finds have come from estate sales. I usually hit at least one or two each weekend. I work 8:30-5:00 and this weekend I have class from Friday to Sunday. So I found one sale that was fairly close and started 7:00 AM this morning. And I saw from the pictures they had a promotional white casserole WITH CRADLE. Score!

Now the downside to estate sales is that I have often had to leave pieces behind because they are WAY overpriced. I once went to a sale where they were asking $12 for a small fridgie in terrible shape (half the color worn off, no shine, chipped lid).

But fortunately, this was not one of those sales.

Yep… $4 for both.

And in decent condition too. It’s so shiny. I’m not sure what the dark markings are. Any advice for cleaning? I was thinking I’d try a magic eraser (really carefully). Any other, safer ideas?

And does anyone know if this is called Bluebirds of Happiness or just Bluebirds?

Love my new mixing bowls!!

Hi All! I would like to introduce myself.  I am Sherry from Hello Vintage, a collector of all kinds of vintage and retro treasures. Thanks so much to all the posters on The Pyrex Collective blogs, I have been really enjoying all the gorgeous bright colours. I am hoping to have many finds to share with you in the future.

I used to love baking when I was young (still do). I would use Mum’s sets of  Pyrex mixing bowls as these were all she had. However it wasn’t until I had a borrowed one of hers in my cupboard that I realised how much I really liked them. I did wonder if she would notice if I kept it...  Just joking, it is now back safe with her (for the time being  - evil grin). I think there might be quite a few people collecting Pyrex around my area as I rarely see them at garage sales and oppies. I found this set of mixing bowls above (401,402,403) at the Port Adelaide Wharf Market marked (AU)$35,  I paid $30. Not a GREAT price compared to a garage sale, but I didn’t think it was too bad?  What do you think? I am really glad I bought them; they are so pretty and in fantastic condition. It’s possible they were never even used by looking at them.

This dish I bought for a $1 at a garage sale (no lid). I think I am likely to stick with mixing bowls for the time being however with prices like that what can you do?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dealer Spaces Available in Long Beach

I am 99.9% sure I am going to open a small vintage boutique in Long Beach, CA. I have found a good location and I am hammering out the details. I think it will have about 6-8 spaces for around $100-200 per month, plus 10% commission (waived for three months) please let me know if you are interested. I have a bunch of great finds to post as soon as I have the time, I've been posting a lot on the fb Vintage Pyrex group.

Time to Focus after an Incredible Week.

How do you decide on which patterns/colors to focus your collections on? I am suffering from Pyrexia Nervosa at the thought of swapping, selling or otherwise getting rid of any of my pieces. I have narrowed down my collection to Pyrex only with the exception of the gorgeous Fire-King Tulip Bowl. Don't get me wrong, I still have more Fire-King... I just don't display it.


The Forest Fancies, Primary Yellow and one of the Spring Blossoms were all scored from a local online auction where I bid on the entire contents of a cabinet by photo alone. I paid $7.99 and also included were some great pots and pans, vintage rolling pin and other kitchen goodies.

The stacked Daisy set with two lids, one of the Flamingo Pink round casseroles, a Gold Butterfly small casserole, Green primary, several pieces of Fire-King and a Maid of Honor fridgie were all scored on Craigslist for $20. I will be gifting the Fire-King and adorable Maid of Honor Fridgie

A generous friend gifted me the Autumn Harvest set of three, a Yellow primary, Gold Butterfly casserole and two Early American pieces, a 4 qt. Town & Country cinderella AND a couple of Spring Blossom mixing bowls!

I now have over 50 pieces of Pyrex and need to focus and organize. Does anyone have any opinions on which pieces you think I should stay with or does anyone have a trade you would like for me to consider?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Black & White!!!

I can't resist the black and white pieces. I was thrilled to stumble on this new in box charcoal piece. I already own one white on charcoal divided dish but how could I leave this behind?

Even the box has snowflakes!
 My other finds from two different places are the two Compass pieces. I already have one with the original handle but I still like the pattern. I don't think they are supposed to have a lid but I bought them this way.
Hope you have some great finds!


So I went to the antique mall today and found these pretty clear bottom beauties! The color on them remind me of neapolitan ice cream :) Lady at the counter said they were given to her as a wedding gift in 1976...Does anyone else have these bowls? I have only seen the blue ones..

visit me at

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Thrift Finds

It has been a busy summer with some wonderful finds! After a slow start this spring at the thrifts, things have picked up nicely around here.

First we have several additions to our pie plate collection.

Left to right we have turquoise, desert dawn pink, white deep dish with tab handles, lime green and flamingo pink. The white, desert dawn and lime green are all new finds this summer.

A few more pieces in desert dawn pink:

A 221 round cake pan, a 213 loaf pan and a 232 2 qt oblong pan.

And more turquoise:

Cake and loaf pans, and a 231 1 ½ qt oblong pan. We found both loaf pans last winter but the others are new this summer. The butterprint refrigerator dish is our third; It was only $1 so we couldn't leave it behind!

Finally we came across a few carafes as well:

I love these. I am trying to get away from using so much plastic so these will see a lot of use.

We have had a lot of company so far this summer and I used a lot of Pyrex but forgot to take pictures. It is nice to see all your pictures of Pyrex in action! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! More later...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

moving away from mixing bowls

and onto some cute little fridgies!
as you can see here, I have my share of bowls for now.
I found this beginning of a set in an antique store this weekend
 for a really good price!
I have found a new love for Butterprint
I also found a Pyrex Hamilton Beach Mixing Bowl
the husband & I had been looking for something like this 
because of my husband's obsession with making pancakes!
Problem solved.
hope your weekend brought some treasure's too!

Found the orange fridgie at the Goodwill yesterday, sans lid, for $2.99.  I never pass up a fridgie if it's in decent shape.  It reads Corning on the bottom and not Pyrex!  Not sure what set this belongs to.