Sunday, July 28, 2013

Oh No You Didn't!

Oh yes I did!

Scored the 'EYES' chip and dip this weekend at a yard sale!!

(or, as I learned on pyrexlove...its official name is the Hot n' Cold Chip and Dip Set)

Same sale had this one too:
Tulip promotional. New one for me.

Fun fun!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

After a Pyrex Famine....

Well, I haven't been buying much Pyrex lately. Not sure why. Haven't seen anything I wanted. Or worth the space in my inventory. Or in good condition. Or not horribly overpriced. Or all of the above.

Then the other day I saw these:

What was noteworthy is that I was at Value Village which is notorious for overpricing...especially the Pyrex. But for some reason these were not.

And all 4 pieces were there.
After a quick text to Hubby for input, I got them all for less than $10. (had a coupon)

Hubs is the Shipping Department and he's been trying to steer me away from large and breakable. But he gave the go I went ahead.

If I wasn't already committed to the turquoise....we'd be tempted to keep them...Hubby likes this pattern too.
At home I found one little chip on the 404. But a smooth one, not sharp. Not a dealbreaker, I don't think.

Ain't they purdy?