Friday, December 30, 2011

Daisy Pink Pyrex....

Isn't it wonderful. I just love the daisy pink Pyrex. I found this today while thrifting at my favorite sketchy thrift store in Dallas. I now have two of these lovely oval bowls. Which thrills me. I now get to decide which one is in worse shape. So I can demote it to my stack of daily use Pyrex. I have been placing pieces of my pink Pyrex into daily rotation, that I consider "with issue's". 
I still only have the one divided serving dish in the pink daisy. So this beauty still lives on the dusty shelf in my kitchen. Where I hoard all my perfect pink Pyrex.
Now I did get these two small refrigerators for Christmas. And they are in wonderful shape. But one of them has it dang paper tag holding on. I am going to have to get some lighter fluid to get it off! But now I have 4 of these cuties. And none of them will be getting demoted to daily use. Too cute to risk getting broke. 

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Pyrex Pantry

New blog post over on my main blog today about this pretty Pyrex dinnerware set I found at a yard sale:

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

minor nudging necessary

I'm sure the look on my face when I stumbled upon this beautiful
Mod Decorator Casserole was pretty priceless
and the poor lady who might have been standing right in front of it
may have been slightly moved to the side for me to pick this one up
(I promise - no one was harmed during this thrift)
could you imagine spotting pyrex only to have it taken right out from under you?
devastating for sure!
and because there clearly is some hope for our pyrex thrfting
this little guy was marked $2.99 at the Goodwill
deal of day for sure!
miss macri @ educated...not so domesticated

A Small Haul of Pyrex Mugs by a Pyrex Collective Newbie!

Hello, Pyrex Collective!

This is my first post here. I wanted it to pack more of a Pyrex punch, but as the momma of 3 littles, I need to grab time (and Pyrex pictures) when I can so, without further ado...

A couple of days ago my husband had off from work and we headed out to a very sketchy area for some junk shopping. I rescued a cute little bunch of Pyrex mugs. Take a peek!

I am a big fan of Butterfly Gold so these mugs will join the couple of other pieces of this pattern in my collection. I think I will collect both shapes. I have lots of Spring Blossom mugs and also the creamer. I'm not sure how many mugs I need in this pattern but I think these bring my Spring Blossom well into the teens. The other pattern mugs I don't think I will keep but, well, you know. Gotta snatch 'em up!

These Pyrex striped mugs are instant favorites of mine. I just love restaurantware! The mugs totally match but they have a different mark on the bottom. FASCINATING!

Copper Filigree, I want to make babies with you! Unfortunately, this mug is my only piece in this pattern. It reminds me of this pattern of restaurantware I saw in the fall at Fishs Eddy. Homer Laughlin? Probably.

The little saucer it's sitting on is, surprisingly, Hazel Atlas. I love Hazel Atlas and even Glasbake. Yes, I love an underdog.

Well, those are my most recent finds. I only began collecting Pyrex seriously this September. I've gotten a few pieces thrifting but my two major hauls of larger pieces came from buying lots from collectors I found on Craigslist. One was moving and one was just becoming more selective in her collecting (Hi Melissa!).

Feel free to visit my blog Cottage ID and take a peek at some of my Pyrex in use.

Until next time! XO Deva

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas to me! (and all of you!)

I've had a few very good Pyrex days.
The other day I was out visiting my inlaws and
found all of these!

Autumn harvest is one of my favourite patterns. It was 1.99.
I don't love the woodland pattern, but, I do love that oval casserole. It was 4.99 and the verde lid which came without its dish was 1.99. I'll find you one day.
Then, at goodwill I found this! I was so excited when I saw it. It was hiding face down under a few pie plates and other uninteresting stuff. There was no matching dish though. oh well.
  Went thrifting this morning at some value villages that I don't normally visit. I found some real gems.This awesome Town and Country oval casserole, it was 5.99. Then this Colonial Mist 472. I never used to love this pattern, but it's really grown on me.

Then I found this beautiful Golden Acorn divided dish. with a lid!!!! I thought it was a steal for 5.99. It's finds like this that make it worth it for me. I love this!

And last but, definitely not least. I found this! I tried to find a name for the pattern, but, couldn't really nail one down. Any help? It's not in the best shape, it has a few scratches and some utensil markings but, I love it just the same. I was really hoping for some christmas pyrex, and this is good enough for me.

It was hiding with some sad looking pink mixing bowls. I wanted to take them home but, the small one was 4.99 and the larger was 5.99. That's a bit much for two bowls that are ruined.
I also saw this unfortunate bowl. A pink daisy cinderella 403 that had also seen better days.

Also, I don't know if anyone on here watches (or, watched since it was cancelled awhile ago) American Dreams but if you do there are lots of pyrex cameos. Like this one, a snowflake blue 404? anyone recognize the one with wheat (or are they trees?) on it?

Thanks for reading! (sorry for the length, I just had to share it all!)
Happy Holidays!

Blue Dianthus?

So Day 1 of my vacation was spent looking for Pyrex, of course! I was bummed that I mostly found stuff for trade. But I found two pretty cool pieces.

The first one was a baby 441. I had no idea what the pattern was but my Flickr buddies helped me identify it. I was given the link to the Blue Dianthus photos on PyrexLove but I wonder why mine is not a true 440 size.
Does anyone know?

Comparison of the 441 Ivy to the 6 oz Dianthus
Dianthus on the 441 Ivy

I also found a Jade-Ite Fire King 2000 Baker.

I'm not completely on board with FireKing or Jade-Ite so it might be going to another home where it will be loved.
Closer look at Jade-ite Baker

Hope you all find some great Pyrex!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

pink, pink, & more pink

and there is just no complaining about it
this week I've gotten to thrift two days
and have had some pyrex luck for sure
but the funniest part - it has all been pink
now I've mentioned here that I'm not necessary a real pink person
but when it comes to pyrex it truly does make me happy
so the scores this week:
502 gooseberry fridgie with lid
503 gooseberry fridgie sans lid (but I know I can find one!)
Pink Daisy Cinderella Oval Casserole
Flamingo Pink Pie Plate
So the little bit of pink I had before now looks quite complete
happy holidays!

First Snowflake!

Merry Christmas, Pyrex people!

I caught the Pyrex bug only about three months ago, and have not yet lucked into any Christmas Pyrex, so my December kitchen display had to be "Primary":

At least we have some red and green in there.

I didn't even have a Snowflake piece until last week, when I found this beauty...

...which the nice people at Goodwill had priced at $3.00, probably because it looked so ugly with its companion lid:

I'm guessing they were embarrassed! So I got a perfectly good Verde lid, and a turquoise Snowflake, for the three bucks!

Wishing peace to all, happy holidays, and many festive tables adorned with Pyrex.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thrift Store vs. Antique Store

I have a thrifting win to share with you today!
This is Denver's largest antique mall. It's over 50,000 square feet and has almost 300 dealers. I can always find some good Pyrex here, but the prices aren't cheap!

I stopped there today to hunt for Christmas gifts for my antique-loving friends, and while I was there I saw this {I always see a few sets of these when I'm there}:
A complete primary fridgie set for $75.00. 
This is a very typical price for antique stores, I've found.

But today was a WIN for me, because before I stopped in the antique mall, I ran down the street to Savers. I have a problem with passing a thrift store, I HAVE to stop in to see what I might find.

I'm sure some of you can relate...

Anyway, I immediately checked the "Pyrex shelf" as I always do first thing when I enter a thrift store. Sadly, there was no Pyrex in kitchen ware today. 

BUT, when I turned the corner and went down the knick-knacks aisle,
Sure, it was one red 501 short of a full set, but I didn't care! I snatched them up and  ran for the registers to make them officially mine. 

They even have the old style lids:

So this is an old set--which made it even more exciting when I got them home, washed them, and inspected them to find...
 They are mint! Not a untensil scratch, not a chip to be found. Even the corners show no wear whatsoever:

And now, at the risk of making you all completely green with envy, 
check out these prices!!!

That's right. 
$0.99 for the 501. 
$1.99 for the 502
$2.99 for the 503. 


I could kiss the person who priced these. 

So that's my major win. 
The antique mall down the street wanted $75.00 {including the 2nd red 501} but I paid a whopping $6 for my happy little set. 

And we all lived happily ever after...
The End.

Cheers, Heather @ Lark & Lola

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

All Set!

We finished a Set!  I love the more bright and "pastel" colored Pyrex, its cheery and goes well with all summer occasions and this is what we at the Casablanca consider a "set" Yellow, Turquoise, Chartreuse, & Flamingo Pink. It's my hope to collect  most of the baking basics in these four colors.
We still need quite a few pieces...
A Pink and a Green loaf pan, and Turquoise and a Yellow long pan. A Turquoise and a yellow 9" Pie plate. a Turquoise and a green 8" round cake pan. All of these pieces are NOT must have right this moment... but this is the stuff we frequently look for and use the most.
Oh Well, until then the Hunt continues...


Sunday, December 18, 2011


recently I have stumbled upon two of these snowflake casseroles while thrifting
both very good deals - and both in very good shape!
one finally made its debut this weekend at our ornament exchange
it perfectly held our two varieties of peppermint pretzel bark!
to enjoying our pyrex during the holidays!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Bubble Wrap Galore

My husband and I are in the process of moving to Nashville, TN for a job he got at Vanderbilt University. It's a wonderful opportunity for us but moving is never fun. I'm freaking out about moving all my Pyrex, Fire King, and Fiestaware! I've gone through a ridiculous amount of bubble wrap and still have more to pack.

Have any of you moved your collections before? Do you have any words of wisdom for a newbie collector?

I'm freaking out. I'm going to be the only one allowed to carry the boxes and they will be driving with me and my cats in my car. My Pyrex will definitely not be seeing the inside of the U-Haul!

-Sarah Lillian

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Pyrex!

 Apparently my husband is not too fed-up with my Pyrex addiction... yet, because he gave me this Christmas Pyrex bowl for an early Christmas gift last week! I am head over heels for this bowl and I have been wanting some Christmas Pyrex SO bad {anything other than the Snowflake patterns, which I already have several of.}
 I wish someone out there could give us more information on this pattern--I'm guessing it was promotional? Does anyone have any idea when it is from?
One side has a ribbons & holly pattern, the other side says, "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year." I LOVE it!

 Also this week, though it has been seeming like Pyrex is suddenly not showing up on the thrift store shelves as much these days, I finally found a nice one. This Blue Doily dish was waiting for me the other day at my local Savers.
 I have to say, this size is one of my favorites, and we use them often in my house. The lid's pattern is ever so slightly worn, but the dish itself is in great condition. This apparently is another pattern we don't have so much information on...
 And I was so pleased to turn it over and see that they were only asking $3.99 for it! I've seen beat up, faded Pyrex going for twice that much at some thrift stores, right?
 Finally, an Old Orchard refrigerator dish. I didn't even know they made fridgies in this pattern! But it was waiting next to the Blue Doily and going for only $2.99. Honestly, I have a few other 503s without their lids, so I would have paid that much (and possibly more) for just the lid!

Speaking of the lid...
It has a small defect I've never seen before. I've inspected it and can promise you it is not a chip. It's obvious it was produced this way, with a dent in the handle. Anyone seen this before? It's rounded and smooth, I can't complain.

Merry Christmas and thanks for looking!

Heather @ Lark & Lola

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New Additions.

Hello All!
This is my first post of what I hope to be many more.
These last few weeks have been hit and miss pyrex-wise.
I found these lovely pieces over three days at Value Village.

The 402 was $1.99,
The 473 was 3.99, and the lid was a separate item for 0.50,
and The 475 was 5.99.
All of which I thought was quite reasonable, especially since lately prices seem to be sky rocketing.

I also found this sad looking pink "casserole" dish yesterday at a different value village.

It looked okay at first, then, I flipped it over for this sight
that will for sure give me nightmares.

I couldn't just leave it there though, so I paid the 3.99 for it (damn you Value Village) and brought it home where it will never be abused again. It was a good week, and to think all this started because I found this wonderful set of Butterfly Gold at a yard sale for $5.00 this past summer! The rest was added over the next month. The casserole was 7 (lid included) at The Salvation Army, I also got the blue fridgie there for 3. The butter dish was a gift from my mother and the pink gooseberry bowl was $15.00 from an antique sale (it was weak moment, I just love it so much) The mug was 0.50, and there are 5 more of them! 

That's all for now, but I have so many more to show you!
until next time!
Happy pyrex trails!