Saturday, September 21, 2013

A New Home

I haven't posted on here in a while. We spent early summer putting our house on the market. We sold it and moved to a new house!

That was not an experience I would ever choose to repeat, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE living in our new house in the country.

So here is a bit of show and tell for the new home of my pyrex collection.

My new dining room:

I purchased the hutch from the owners of the house. They had already painted it. I love it. I knew I had to have it because my Pyrex would look amazeballs in it. And it does.  The hutch looks awesome with the kitchen too, which is actually behind me in the picture above.

I also found the table at an antique mall for a pretty good price, and the chairs were all thrifted. I love how it all comes together.

Here is a closeup of the hutch.
 And to highlight one of my more recent finds, the balloons look pretty good on the table.

I am still working on unpacking and decorating the rest of the house. It is so fun to have a whole house to decorate again! And we are so in love with this house and the property that we are just ecstatic. I have no need to leave, except to go shopping for decorations! (Oh and work I guess - to pay for those decorations!)

Happy fall pyrex hunting!