Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My latest Treasure!

Just had to share my newest find today.  Missing one of the lids, but I couldn't pass this up.  I hear it is rare... however I don't know how rare.  This is the first I've seen of it.  Either way...I only paid $10 for the set! I know I geeked out when I saw it.  LOL!!

Now to hunt for a matching lid! (I know.. good luck!)

One of the lids and bowls has some baked on looking gunk.  Anyone know how to get this off safetly without damaging the dish?

The Best Kind of Friends

While I get teased for my Pyrexia and even some strange looks, I have some of the best friends I could ask for. A wonderful friend of mine gave me, yes GAVE me a set of Primary Fridgies.

I was over the moon! I don't have this set and have stared at many sets at antique malls mocking me with their high priced tags.

Primary Fridge Set

I am so grateful for my friends who GIVE me their Pyrex and my PCII buddies who help me celebrate such occasions! If you are in the Houston area, please contact me a lisa(dot)palacios@hotmail(dot)com. A fellow PCII and I are trying to organize a Houston swap.

PS Added more items to trade: Flickr & Facebook

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pyrex Spotting: Bubba Gumps

My family went to take a trip to Anaheim/Huntington Beach/Newport Beach this past weekend. And at a nice dinner at Bubba Gumps by Disneyland, what did I spot?! Yes, that is a full set of primary Pyrex mixing bowls. After the party that was sitting below them left and did a little quick look and yes, they were real! I didn't snap a picture cause I didn't want to be taken for a freak, even though standing on the seat checking out restaurant props was already drawing enough attention for my Husband. He was so embarrassed. He still hasn't caught on to the whole Pyrex addiction I have. His biggest rant "they don't seal, why do you want something that doesn't seal?!"

Cherry Red

I snagged this today at Goodwill. I want to tell you it is the prettiest shade of red, like a cherry red not tomato red. I couldn't believe it was sitting there and .......97 cents!

"Empire Scrolls - Vine" promotional casserole from the GW.
The latest and greatest piece of Pyrex to join my collection.

A Love Affair with Pyrex

Hello Pyrex Lovers!

I am brand spanking new to this blog and recently began a love affair with Pyrex 2-3 weeks ago. My name is Kris, mother of 4 + 2 step children and just hit the big 4-0! Yikes! We just moved from South Carolina back to Washington State in July and living at my parents until we find a home.  Needless to say, we have been exploring the area to "get out of the house".  Few weeks ago we stumbled onto a Junk Festival (ie vintage fest) and viola!  My affair started that day!  I have dragged my husband and children to every thrift store in the area and the last 2 weekends have scoped out the estate/yard sales in the newspaper! Ha ha! 

Yesterday I took a break.  I did not set foot in a thrift store or antique shop!  For my family they would say that was shocking!  (they all think I need an intervention and becoming the crazy cat lady pyrex version ... sans the hubby.. he thinks this is great!) Today however, I was back in full swing.

First stop was Salvation Army.  It was sad... only one pyrex peice in the entire store (minus the chipped up clear pyrex).  This peice is not my favorite, however it was only $2.99 and the dish can go with the Butterfly Gold collection.

The next stop was the Goodwill (one of 3 in the local area).  There was still pyrex pieces that had been there since last week that were either priced way too high or are so badly scratched up that they just aren't worth the price tag itself!  But, low and behold, tucked behind a big bowl I found a mint condition Butterfly Gold Medium Fridgie!  $2.99... no lid :(

Third stop was the Humane Society thrift store and there wasn't ANY Pyrex whatsoever.  Feeling a bit bummed, we decided to head down to a vintage/antique shop going out of business in the slight chance we'd find a good deal on something I really wanted.  And.... nothing.  I could not for the life of me figure out why the vendors in this store were charging $35 ... yest $35 for a 4qt Cinderella bowl that could be found at the Goodwill for under $9 bucks.  We promptly left and headed to one more Antique/estate store. They were the winner of the day!!!  The Butterprint White on Turquoise print.... all for just $25.  This is the first I've seen of it anywhere in this town over the last 3 weeks.

After this stop, I decided I better go home since I had spent my alotted money for the day.  Big sigh....

And then we ended up at a different Goodwill a few hours later... of course!  No pyrex under $10... (they must be crazy!)  However, I did find the missing lid to go with the above set for $.99 cents and another lid... marked from England for $.99 cents.  Not sure what patterns this may go to. 

We are taking my son off to college this weekend.  It is a 7 hour drive... and I'm already searching google for thrift stores along the way... LOL!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Treasure Hunting.

Hi All,

This is Sherry from Hello Vintage. I think this is my second or third post (sorry I can't remember). My Husband, 4yo and 14 month old went away to the coast for four nights just over a week ago. Unfortunately we had yuck weather and because it was so wet there was not a lot of chances to go to the beach (but luckily there were a few oppies).

 Was so excited when I saw these two (441 and 442) for $2 each at an oppie in Moonta, South Australia. As I already have a set in this pattern I thought maybe they wouldn't been keepers. However when I got home I realised that my other ones are plain bowls not Cinderella bowls so I can keep them!! Yay!

 This yellow pie dish is Agee Pyrex, Made in Australia and the colour reminds me of lemon butter. Yum! $2

This is a #442 and was the first bowl I bought (for $1) when I decided to collect Pyrex mixing bowls only a few months back. Not a huge fan of the pattern but it has grown on me and of course now I want a set of them. It was a local find. I can't believe I would have likely seen lots in my time as a treasure hunter but would have over looked them.

Another Aussie made bowl. I have no idea what the set looks like that goes with this one so will have to do some research. My Mum actually bought this one for me which is kind of funny because she doesn't like op shops as she has asthma and the dust bothers her. So thanks Mum! $5 She also has bought me a lime green dish of some kind but she can't find it. Hmm, will have to remind her about it because I am dying to see what it is. I think it may be a casserole without a lid.

Ok I spent too much on this one and not sure why (#443). I think I just got caught up in the moment. It was $12 - cringe. Another junk shop in Moonta.

Here is some on my trip away that I passed up.

This tiny dish for $5. Cute but I don't really need it or love it. Now can someone tell me how you know what a fridgie is? I get a bit confused because they all just look like casserole dishes to me.

Another $5 I think. Cute but I am really going for mixing bowls or bright colours. Another junk shop I went to had a set of  3 smaller Daisy Cinderella bowls for $30 and then the biggest bowl on it's own for $25. Also $18 for some solid colour large bowls which I wouldn't pay. I am pretty happy with my buys.

I used my turquoise mixing bowls for the first time yesterday (ones in an older post I did). I thought it might gross me out using them for the first time before I have broken them in (put my germs all over them) but it was fine and it didn't stop me eating directly from the bowl. Lol

pyrex to the rescue

Sometimes people think that the title of my blog isn't true
but this weekend while making the husband's birthday cake I proved it to be very much true
thankfully, my little blue delphite dish came to the rescue
my cake had fallen apart into five separate pieces by the time I had gotten the whole round out
and yes, I had greased the pan
and no, I still don't know what happened
having no time to start over on the cake
I took the pieces and layered them up and wallah!
I think I like this version better anyways
and this is why I stick to cupcakes
head on over if you want to see all my pyrex in action at the party!

PYREX - The Musical!

Hello everyone,

I know most of you but I am so THRILLED to finally be a member of to P.C. for my first post I wanted to show off all 25 pieces of my Pyrex that are currently being used in a community theater musical production called Curch Basement Ladies , 404's loaf pans, nesting bowls and casseroles you name it i've cleaned it up to put on stage!


Horizon Blue

Our first Pyrex set new in the box we found recently at a second hand shop. Isn’t it beautiful?

I have mixed feelings about this however. Since it is new I am reluctant to use it or even display it. I guess I’ll just have to find another set to use!

So pretty...

I had a successful Pyrex weekend!

The Square Flowers 475 was a flea market score. I'm going to give it to my sister for Christmas. I couldn't post it on my blog since she reads it so I had to share my excitement here with you guys!

She's in college and just moved into her first apartment. Earlier this month when I visited her for the first time, I gave her the Square Flowers 442, 471, and 473 as an apartment warming present. I'm hoping to get her hooked.

I splurged a bit on the Blue Scroll 443 but it has been on my wish list for a while now. It's in pristine condition and absolutely beautiful.

I hope everyone else had a Pyrex-filled weekend as well!

-Sarah Lillian

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Yummy Pyrex

I had to show it off, it's just so pretty! 
I LOVE using my Pyrex! :)

Pyrex For Trade

Check out my photo album ----> Link

More pictures to come! Email me if you want to trade anything.

My wishlist:

I'm open to other patterns not listed as well. I would love to see what kinds of lovely Pyrex you have to trade!

Wishlist for trading:
Snowflake (especially yellow and pink)
White Opal - not divided dish
Delphite - Fridgies
Lime Green - Loaf pan, cake pan lasagna pan
Pink Flamingo - pie plate, cake pan, loaf pan
Scroll (Black & White)
Bar Code
Blue Horizon
Solid Yellows, blues, Pinks, oranges

Divided Dishes
JAJ pieces

Green Dots Bowl
Lid to Zodiac Casserole
Chip/Dip bracket
Waffle House & Kettle Plates
Child's Circus Plates

I started a facebook page for trading, selling, and a place to share my thrify successes.


My New Hutch

I FINALLY have a place to display all my Pyrex goodness, and I love it! Sometimes when I'm walking by on my way to the kitchen, I just pause to look at it all. I got the hutch at a local consignment/thrift store. It was a little bit more than I wanted to pay, but I thought it was perfectly vintage enough to go with my vintage Pyrex.

There is tons of room in it, so much so that I don't know what to do with all the extra room in my kitchen cabinets. This isn't my entire collection (I have some displayed above the cabinets in the kitchen and some pieces that I use a lot still in the cupboards), but I love how I can display more of what I have. Much more fun than just having it hiding away behind cupboard doors.
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Friday, August 26, 2011

For the love of Pyrex

Hi, I'm new at this so bare with me a bit...

My wife and I have been following both Pyrex Collective blogs for some time now and have wanted to post some of our finds. Which can be found here--> My Vintage Pyrex on Flickr

I'll try to not ramble on too much in this or future postings, so in that spirit I only have a couple things to say today.

If you're in or near to southeastern Wisconsin next weekend there is a fairly large fleamarket/fund raiser for the fire department in Cedarburg, WI that happens several times a year called Maxwell Street Days. I haven't been there in a few years so my wife and I are going to go see what sort of fun Pyrex patterns we spot! I'll post photos of what we get.

I also wanted to post about something of interest to anyone with a Chip and Dip set who does not have the Bracket, or to anyone who has passed up buying sets because they were missing the brackets. I've search high and low for them and have never found one, though I've seen a lot of C&D sets both with and without. A couple months back I found a set of the Delphite Blue Golden Grapes Bowls in beautiful condition.

The only problem was, as many of you have probably found, no bracket. I asked around in the various Pyrex groups(Pyrex Love on Flickr, Vintage Pyrex Love on Facebook, etc) asking if anyone knew where to find originals or reproductions so I would be able to use my set. No one could help me so I decided to attempt to recreate one myself. After I posted about attempting to recreate a bracket I got a lot of comments and messages asking if I was going to make them available if I was successful. So once I had a few prototypes made to my satisfaction I made a storefront on Etsy. Now you can use those bowls the way they are meant to be used.

Thanks for reading, I hope I didn't ramble to much. ;)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pink Pyrex Score!

I have been terrible at posting my Pyrex finds on here lately, but this one is too good not to share with everyone. At least in my opinion. :)

I went to Kobey's Swap Meet in San Diego last Sunday and acquired:

Not a complete set by any means, but it was only $20! I was so happy!

- Cara-Mia

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Are any of you fellow Pyrex addicts out there in the blogosphere on Pinterest? I want some Pyrex boards to follow!

(And if you aren't you should be. It's awesome!)

Follow Me on Pinterest

You'll recognize a lot of Pyrex pictures I have pinned from you guys :)

SNOWFLAKES! and Orangeaid!

I found these lovelies this week at Salvation Army...

Very nicely priced and in perfect condition!


What I picked up at Value Village...and what I left behind

I'm trying to limit my pyrex-collecting by only buying pieces that I need (for cooking or serving)...and only in either pink or turquoise color schemes.

Here are 3 items that passed my "collection test" recently:

Butterprint 444 Cinderella Mixing bowl:
Flamingo Pink and Lime Green pie plates ( the lime green item just snuck in...but it was too pretty to leave behind!)
And here's what didn't make the cut:
Colonial Mist clear mixing bowls:
Pink clear bottom pyrex bowls (I do regret not picking this up, although I have a red set....this is much prettier)
red 402 mixing bowl
Daisy and Woodland mixing bowls ( I'm regretting not buying the Daisy bowl!)
Forest Fancies Bake Serve Store Casseroles
I'm not sure if writing this post was such a good idea...I'm now having second thoughts about the pieces I left behind!

A $25 week

I was away on vacation - from thrifting as well :) - for the first half of July, and ever since I got back there's been a serious Pyrex dry spell in my area. Well...not any more. Here is what I found - all on separate days last week - at ONE local VV:

-401 and 402 Butterprint in near perfect condition: $2 each.

-Zodiac promo with the patterned lid and a cradle. Although the cradle was taped together with the dish and lid, I don't think it's the right one based on some quick Flickr research. (If anyone knows which dish/pattern the cradle belongs to please let me know.) All were in very good condition for $15.

-Turquoise Gooseberry JAJ that's far from perfect but I had to have it: $3.

-And the Friendship 474 with a clear/unpatterned lid (seriously, I think my VV is making up their own sets...): $3.

I really hope this streak continues, but I'm starting to run out of space. I love seeing everyone's posts on here by the way and it really helped to see pretty new Pyrex every day while I wasn't finding any of my own :)

Oh Turquoise! How I love you!!

I had a very good (or if you ask my bank account, bad) day yesterday. A couple estate sales, a few thrift stores, and the local antique mall. I decided to hit the antique mall on a whim after I drove by and saw they were having a sidewalk sale. I got there late in the afternoon and most vendors were packing up. But I went inside. And I'm glad I did. I normally avoid the antique places, because, as you well know, the pricing will kill you. Or at least put you into shock. But it was worth it when I got to bring these two beauties home.

Plus, as I was getting ready to leave, I stopped at one last booth. I was looking at some other things in a really jumbled area. I bent down to check something out and turned around just in time to spot this hiding on the bottom shelf behind some furniture:

My first Pyrex with the original box. And I can tell you that they cost a bit more than the left- over yard sale sticker price of $3.00. But they were on sale for 25% off, so that makes it all okay, doesn't it?

Here's the rest of my haul from Saturday. Oh, except the green and yellow Cinderella bowls. I picked those up a few weekends ago at a fruit stand/antique store. It was being sold as a chip and dip set with the bracket. My question is: were those actually sold as a chip and dip set?

Hope your weekend was as "productive" as mine. Now I gotta go get some housework done around here.
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The Crown of My Collection

I know I'm not the first and only one to post about the Bluebird casserole, but I just couldn't resist showing off what I consider to be the crown of my entire collection. {Which by the way, since starting to collect in May I have over 100 pieces! Uh-oh... time to start trading & re-selling...}

So here she is! My "baby". I found this on Etsy last month, actually, and paid more than I've ever paid for a piece of Pyrex before. But, I ADORE this pattern, have never seen a Bluebird in the wild, and it came with it's original cradle, lid, and box! The cradle looks tarnished some, but the dish itself is pretty much mint, I cannot find a single utensil mark on it. Even the box is in superb condition. And at 50 years old!

So I bought it for $18. More than I've ever spent before, but I had some spending money and decided to treat myself to a Pyrex dish that I truly desired. I love it!

Heather @ Lark & Lola

Friday, August 19, 2011

Saying Hi!

I'm a new contributor to the Collective, but I've been reading all your posts for awhile. I just thought I would say hi and introduce myself. My name is Wendy. I'm an elementary school teacher in the Seattle area. I've been collecting Pyrex for about a year now. I collect a little bit of everything, but I really love the turquoise. Recently, I was able to pick up this beauty for a mere $8 at a local Goodwill.

The bowls were with the kitchen wares, but I had to search the store for the elusive bracket. Luckily I was able to find it! You can read the whole story here. I'm looking forward to sharing my Pyrex finds with everyone and seeing all yours.