Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Up, Up, and Away

I am floating on air with my recent Pyrex acquisition. I bought this on Etsy the same night I bought the pink fridgies. I'm calling this purchase the bowls that almost weren't because the listing was for the 441 and an Amish butterprint 444 then the seller sent me a convo asking me if I'd like a matching bowl to the 441. OF COURSE I WOULD I said.... AND guess what I got...

I am so in love with these bowls it isn't even funny. Now I just need to find the bracket...

If you would like to read the rest of the story about my shipment and the near disaster check out my blog.

Mystery Fridgie

Hello there fellow Pyrex enthusiasts! My friend and I cannot seem to figure out what pattern this fridgie is from and we're hoping you all will have the answer. Here's her collection of little 501s. So adorable!

What collection does the dark red one belong to? The brighter red is definitely from the primary set.

We're hoping someone will have the magic answer.

You can hop over to my blog to see the rest of her collection!

Hit & Miss

The last couple weeks pyrex hunting has been hit and miss. I have come across some pieces that I wanted badly but that were too damaged to pay what was being asked! For instance a red hostess bowl with lid that had been dishwashed and its lid was chipped like crazy for $10 , a pink daisy casserole 1.5 qt with utensil marks all over it for $12.99! Get real!! But I did manage to find a few gems. I came across a town & country snack server without its lid for $1 while out with my best friend. I also found a gold scroll cinderella (part of the chip & dip set) in awesome shape and decided even tho I wasnt necessarily looking for this one it would go with my christmas pyrex! Today however, was a good day for me! I went out to the Valley and found: 2 butterprint 1.5 qt bowls in good shape for $3 ea!!, 2 pink bowls one was $5 and one was $3, the turquoise snowflake oval casserole was also $3 and lastly the smallest butterprint for 99 whole cents!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Gooseberry PINK!

I've had this little gem in my possesion for almost a week, but I've just now been able to blog about it. 

We, the hubs and I, were trolling (ha ha) the Good Will the other day.  My pyrex collecting has become extremely limited as I am only collecting specific patterns as of a few months ago.  I saw several decent pyrex pieces on the shelf, with the now usual over priced sticker on it that GW loves to slap onto pyrex, but none were ones I was collecting, or I already had it (or 3.. lol). 

I made my way around to the glassware in hopes of finding the older "mug" looking Butterfly Gold print (no such luck) or the drinking glasses (not in a million years do I expect to see those in a GW) and I see a butterfly print out of the corner of my eye.  Small fridgie!  Price tag?  $4.99!  What?  and with no lid.  Pass.  I already have 4 of them with lids, I think I can survive passing on this.  However a foot farther down the shelf and there is a medium Gooseberry Pink fridgie, no lid for $4.99.  Rarely is pink ever found at the GW that is in remotely good condition.  Lucky for me... it was in perfect condition!  woohoo!! 

At this point I'm looking back at the Butterfly Gold fridgie and I of course grab it and snatch a sales clerk and question the pricing of this "smaller" piece and why is it so much?  Excuses given:
1. One piece must be in better condition than the other - (I explained, no.. they are both excellent shape)
2. Oh, one must be older than the other.  (I said, True but the bigger dish IS older and priced the same as the newer one)
3.  Oh... well it's pyrex, that must be why.

No, they did not reprice the Butterfly Gold fridgie, and it stayed at the GW on the shelf.  :(

Today I found very old vintage pyrex while thrifing.  I blogged about it on my own blog...

Recent funky finds!

Most of these are Agee Pyrex and one Crown.

Agee Pyrex.

I picked up all of these at Savers. My sister in law told me about Savers, it is the only one South Australia. They were $3-$4 each and I couldn't help myself.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pretty in Pink

Guess what I just got....

The pink pyrex refrigerator dishes. I bought them from an Etsy seller for $11.11 for all 3 pieces. They are in really good condition with the older lids. My hubby bought me the pink 401 to finish out my set for Christmas.
Love my casseroles.
I had to add in this photo of my 024 casseroles. I just added the pink one to my collection on Friday.

To see more of my Pyrex check out my blog.

Gifts From The Hubs

I am pretty sure that I have created a monster.  Whenever my husband is in the vicinity of any kind of thrift store (and when I say vicinity I mean a 5 mile radius), he has to stop.  Fortunately, or unfortunately, however you want to look at it, he only ever looks for Pyrex.  He hasn't quite acquired the eye for all other vintage kitchen delightfullness. 
He found this Shenandoah 1 quart casserole with lid at Goodwill for $2.99.  I have run across these a time or two but never in as good as condition as this one.  Also, the one that I found at a different Goodwill was $4.99.  Why can't they price things the same?
He also picked this Blue Snowflake snack server and lid up at the same Goodwill.  I love this pattern.  I am starting to acquire quite a few pieces of it.  Ok, lets be realistic.  I am starting to acquire A LOT of Pyrex in just about every pattern.

Whenever my husband comes home with a piece of Pyrex he has thrifted, the look on his face reminds me of the one on my dog Bailey's face the time she brought me the dead gopher.  So proud!  Happy Pyrexing! 

Friday, January 27, 2012

Lucky Day Explanation

Last week I posted about the two Butterprint Cinderella bowls that someone left behind in my mother-in-laws office and she brought them home to me.  Well, evidently this angered some anonymous readers so I thought that I would offer a full explanation.
When I posted this I didn't think that I would anger anyone. This was meant to be a fun post and for the sake of boring everyone, the entire story wasn't told. The dishes were left there from a potluck clear back in May and my mother-in-law was very aware of who they belonged to, a former co-worker. The person no longer works there and was contacted several times in regards to these particular dishes as well as many other items she left behind. She never responded. I am truly sorry if anybody was offended by my post.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

little randoms come together

we all know that sometimes we can't pass up perfect pieces
that just might not fit into any set
so, with space getting even more limited
I started stacking the randoms
and I think they are pretty great together
love all the treasures everyone has been finding lately-
you make me want to get my thrift on!

Meagre thrifting in January

The local thrift stores have had hardly any Pyrex lately, but yesterday I found the bright and shiny Daisy divided dish for $3.00. I had paid $1.00 for the Daisy lid at another thrift back in early December. It's so satisfying to match things up!
The Spring Blossom Green bowls came from an estate sale earlier in the month: $7.50 for the set. They are nice and shiny, too.

I hope that people start spring cleaning soon, and restocking the thrifts!

Cheese bread in Golden Acorn

I used my Golden Acorn Cinderella Oval Casserole to make some yummy cheese bread. more pics and recipes on my blog :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Antique Store Finds

Last week, I headed up North to check out a few thrift stores in a small town not too far from where I live.  Unfortunately, 3 out of the 4 stores were out of business so I ventured into a couple of the local antique stores and had some really good luck
I didn't know that refrigerator dishes came in the Early American pattern so I was pretty surprised to find these.  Even more surprising was the $8.00 price tag.  FOR THE SET!
The little old lady who owned the next shop I went to said to me "People sure do seem to love this Pyrex.  I'm not too familiar with it".  Well that was obvious considering the $6 that she was asking for this Embroidery promotional space saver dish.
And this pink loaf pan is the second piece that I have trusted to purchase from eBay.  It was very reasonably priced even with shipping and I don't think it was ever used.  Now I only need the yellow one and I will have all four of the colors in the set.  Anybody have it and up for trading? 

Head over to our blog pyrexthriftersisters.blogspot.com and check out what other Pyrex treasures I picked up in town yesterday.  Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bits & Pieces

 I just thought I'd shared some recent acquisitions, my collection continues to grow {out of control}. Above is the Friendship purchase I made off Etsy. I got both for $22, which is not a deal by my standards, but I decided I wanted them for my daughter's 1st birthday party next month so I was willing to pay a little extra...

Also, yesterday I picked up the Butterprint 442 at an antique store, now all I need is the 441. If anyone has one for trade, let me know!
 A friend recently traded me this Garden Medley casserole, I decided it'd make a great dish for my paper whites.
Yesterday, I found this Golden Scroll casserole at Goodwill for $4.99. It needs a good cleaning, but I saw this dish at an antique store recently going for $20. So I happily paid $5 for it. I adore the color!
 This is, by far, my most favorite find recently! Pink Rainbow Stripes! Found them at a community garage sale/antique show. They had the same sizes in yellow & blue, too {and if I was rich, I would have jumped on them, but sadly I had to chose}. So I had to decide which color to take home, I chose pink. I paid $25 for the two. Again, more than I'm usually willing to pay, for sure, but it's not every day you see pink Rainbow Stripe, right?
 Although this find, at the same sale, was only $5! A Fire King jadite 2qt casserole! Not Pyrex, sorry, but I sort of have a thing for jadite, too. For $5, I couldn't pass it up! Although when I got it home and researched it, I found out it is Fire-King 2000, not vintage. Still, for $5 I love it!
 Last but not least, at an indoor flea market I picked up this corner shelf for a steal. I've been looking for a corner shelf to help with my Pyrex display {we live in too small a house for this addiction} so I took it home.
Thanks for looking. Happy Pyrexing!

Heather @ Lark & Lola

Monday, January 23, 2012

My new Pyrex oval... ~ Meadow ~

Since I have my new Pyrex book... I can actually ID my new oval bowl. This is the "Meadow" pattern. And isn't she pretty. This wonderful oval bowl was located recently by my Mother. Who made it a gift to me. I have been on this quest to buy some turquoise Pyrex. And here is my first piece! 
First.... she is modeling with her cousin Pink Daisy.
 Then here she is modeling with her sketchy second cousin, once removed.... Glasbake Pink Dots. 

But I would not want to leave you without a little stack of Pyrex goodness....
There is nothing pretty than some Turquoise and Pink love!
(Originally posted on Farm Girl Pink!)

Antique Fair Finds

This weekend we met up with my sister and brother-in-law for "The Country's Largest Antique Fair".  Well, I'm not sure its the country's largest (I have been to bigger) but there were definitely lots of great things to look at and drool over.  Some booths were SO overpriced that I walked in and walked out but there were a few that had really good prices and really friendly sellers.  Here are the two things I picked up

The casserole on the left was marked "Butterprint" but little did the seller know that they had one of my most coveted patterns of Pyrex ever.  The Bluebird print!  I saw it in the Pyrex book and have lusted after it ever since.  I also picked up the 1-1/2 pint size Gooseberry Cinderella bowl.  Now I'm only two bowls away from completing this set.  There was one other piece that I had my eye on at the fair but as you can read from her earlier post, Sister go ahold of it before I could!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Love of Pyrex

Hello Pyrexics!

 I love Pyrex, so I decided it would be fun to make some Pyrex inspired needle work. 

Pop on over to my blog to see how I made this little project

The Joyful Thrifter

A Few Weekend Shares

Well, Sister and I went to an Antique Show and did a little thrifting in the Portland area on Saturday, but I would have to say overall it was a slow weekend.  Here are a few shares that I thought you guys may enjoy:
Like Hello Vintage, I got my first casserole with a cradle this weekend!  I haven't see the Tulip pattern besides in my Pyrex Unauthorized Guide, so I was really happy to see this at the antique fair and it was really reasonably priced.
My husband found this beverage server at the Goodwill on our way back to the coast.  I love the shape and style, but I think I will force myself to put it on Etsy.  Stay tuned, I have a feeling Sister will post the beautiful piece she picked up at the antique fair too!

Rainy Sunday Blues

Been cutting back on thrifting lately as we've finally settled into our home (even if it is a rental for now).  And by cutting back on thrifting, meaning maybe 3 times a week.  However, we do usually go out on Sunday mornings since Goodwill has a new color tag sale and Salvation Army usually has a special going on Sunday. 

Today was a blue day.  Blue tags for Blue Pyrex.  I've only found a few pieces of pyrex over the last few weeks.  The last item was blue pyrex... Butterprint Cinderella Casserole for $3.99.   Today I found the large Butterprint fridgie (w/o lid) sitting tucked under other bowls at the GW.  It was rather dirty and caked with that yellow baked on goo.  Perfect condition otherwise and all for $3.99 too!  I almost have a full butterprint fridgie set minus one small fridgie.  Exciting!  Also picked up a lid for the small cinderella casseroles... for $.99 ... can never have too many of these.  ( I think I have quite a few for back ups!)

My next find was at the Salvation Army which had 50% off everything storewide.  I couldn't resist the blue and white rooster mugs... and at only $1 for the pair ($1.99 and then 50% off)!  What a deal!! 

First Pyrex with a stand!!

I was a little excited with this find as it is the only Pyrex I have with a stand!

It's a shame it's missing it's lid but I still love it.

Have a fantastic week!

I have more finds here: Hello Vintage

Saturday, January 21, 2012

At The Magpie

I don't have a lot of "thrifting" locations around here but I did find this lidded snowflake casserole dish in perfect condition at a small collector's shop just outside of town. It was only $6 but I may hold off on buying much for a while. My mother in law has several spring blossom pieces I hope to be gifted with soon. Even better, huh?

perfectly paired with pyrex

a while back I thrifted this small Pyrex mixing bowl
and that was when I started researching what it originally went to
so today when I found the Hamilton Beach Mixer that the bowl was made for
I couldn't pass it by!
I can't wait to get to use it - but for now - it sure makes my kitchen look pretty!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Lucky Day!

So my mother-in-law works in a huge real estate office and her co-workers and customers are always bringing in food to share.  The general rule is that dishes left behind for 6 months are fair game. Well some unfortunate soul left these gems behind and my ever so thoughtful mother-in-law brought them to me!
 Between you and I, it may or may not have been quite 6 months.
I created a group for Pyrex(and any other vintage kitchware/glassware) fans and collectors. So if you are on Reddit feel free to pop in and post about your collection or adventures in Pyrex hunting.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

I am a novice collector, but was happy to find this beautiful orange piece at the Goodwill. I did quick Google search since it was not pattern I was very familiar with. I saw it referred it as "orange fiesta." Also mentioned it on my blog.