Friday, August 21, 2015

A Pyrex Baby

I probably should have posted these sooner, because they were taken in January, but here goes!
Michael did NOT like being in the Salad Bowl, but I couldn't resist! I mean it has a baby on the bowl!
 He does love his pyrex blanket!
Mikie is 7 Months old now, and he is actually fairly small for his age, but when he was born he was a whopping 10 lbs 10 ozs! He is a happy little baby! :)

Horizon Blue MacBook

I got a new laptop for work. What else should I do but make it look like a horizon blue casserole lid?

Happy Pyrexing everyone!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Have you heard of Festive Harvest??

Recently I was thrifting and saw {and purchased} a set of bowls with a pattern that I hadn't seen before!
It's not on Pyrex Love! It's on Corelle Corner though!

You can read more on my blog!

cheers! =^..^= Anita

Sunday, February 22, 2015

New Pyrex Collective and Pyrex's 100th Anniversary

Hello Pyrex people! I'm just writing to let you know that we have just opened up PCIV. I wish we could somehow amalgamate all of these blogs. If anyone can pay off someone at Blogger so that we can do that, or if there's just a simpler way of making this happen, please email me (Canadian Erin) at Here is the link for PCIV Pyrex Collective IV . Thanks again to Jeni of In Color Order for her amazing photography and photo montage.

I am letting Pyrex lovers know about a film that has been made about manufacturing in American. Pyrex features in this film. Please check out the YouTube link and the people behind this project are inviting Pyrex people (us) to fire off any questions regarding Pyrex, including new Pyrex.
Here is the press release information: Pyrex joins a national movement in This Built America that is devoted to supporting American companies and American-made products. AOL is proud to support the effort along with sponsor Ford Trucks. Through the year, the editorial and video teams will explore 50 states in 50 weeks to bring 50 stories of the people who are bringing back manufacturing to America. The platform is produced in coordination with Man Made Content.

Here is the YouTube link:

Pennsylvania's Pyrex: Making Dependable Glass for 100 Years

Please email your questions regarding Pyrex or the film to: me and I will forward the to the powers that be: I will forward questions and repost on all Pyrex Collectives as soon as possible. Happy Pyrexing and keep blogging and reading! Canadian Erin.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Write About Pyrex

I received an email from Jeff regarding his company's need for bloggers writing about Pyrex. Please read and email Jeff if interested.
Canadian Erin

Hi Pyrex Collective:
We just saw your awesome blog about vintage Pyrex glassware and are reaching out to Pyrex collectors to help celebrate the upcoming Pyrex glassware 100th Anniversary.

As the digital content company of Pyrex, we are looking for a few passionate Pyrex collectors to create a guest blog about collecting vintage Pyrex. 

Couple of things to cover, and then you can let me know if you're interested. 

- Contact me by email at if interested
- Provide links to your other blogs and photos so I can see your talent and passion
- We would give you up to 1 month to create your guest blog, which will be posted on the Pyrex glassware web site if accepted

Please let me know if interested,and I can share additional details about the guest blog assignment.