Thursday, June 30, 2011

Recent Haul

Here are some of my recent finds. The clear bowls aren't Pyrex, except the one on top, which is French Pyrex! The others are for my space in a local antiques mall, I sell old mixer bowls like crazy! One of them is stamped with the GE script on the bottom and it's flared at the top, pretty sweet. The other stuff is pretty standard, two 9" squares, one Spring Blossom/Crazy Daisy, and the other one I am not sure, it's the burnt orange one in the back, Butterfly Gold? Without the butterflies? Then there's a Fire King pie plate, and an Opalescent divided dish, both for the shop. An Early American 043 w/lid; I've amassed quite a lot of EA stuff, it’s not really my favorite, but I can't decide if I'll sell it or not. The bluish piece in front is a small Flameware skillet, no handle. Next to that is the Friendship Cinderella 443 mentioned in my last post and a SB/CD loaf pan that I picked up with the 9" square for $3.99 ea. Right behind that is a Square Flowers fridgie, and all the way in the back is the bottom of an old Federal fridgie, $2.99 & 40% off, I couldn't resist!

Loving the Weekend Thrifting!

Now that I am in summer, my weekends are virtually free. No soccer games, boy scout activities, no school activities for my son. So I am making full use of my free time. We have been hitting thrift stores, estate sales, flea markets, and garage sales. I picked up some to trade (hopefully).

Here is what I picked up recently.
I love fridgies!

My Spring Blossom collection is growing. My first gold leaf (foil?) piece.


I picked up the purple pieces for a purple loving friend who complained that Pyrex doesn't make anything in her favorite color.

Anyone know what pattern this is?

That's my haul for now. We are on the hunt for storage/display solutions for my collection. How do you store your pyrex? I want my pieces accessible to use but on display when not in use.

A Successful Swap!

I needed one more piece of this Primary Colors set...the red 402 bowl. I found the other three pieces at an estate sale. Thanks to this site, I was able to do a trade with Jennadesigns!

I had some Spring Blossom she wanted, and she had a gorgeous red 402 and some Turquoise Butterprint she didn't need. It was perfect!!

After a few emails back and forth, it was a done deal!

So happy to have this complete set. I may just have to look at it awhile before I decide what to do with it. :)

It's been a while!!

Hello all,

It's been a while since I could post anything on the Pyrex Collective *sad face* but, I finally found some pyrex the other day! I had been wanting a pyrex loaf pan for a while and when I found this opal white dish I didn't even think twice.

I now have two opal white pieces (here's the other one) and I love them! So classic and so elegant and goes with any decor! Don't you think?

You can read about my other thrifty finds on my blog if you're interested!

Have a great Thursday!


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hello Pyrexers!!

I just joined the blog a few days ago, so hello all! I thought I'd start by posting a pretty big find for me! I'd been carrying the Friendship lid around for years, and last week I finally found a bottom for it. I know, I know, it's supposed to be red, but after waiting as long as I have this will do fine. Subsequently, I've had the Verde bottom for about a year, and I've been using a clear lid with it, but this morning I found this one at GW, along with a Friendship Cinderella 443! I never find the patterns I actually want at GW, so that was awesome! The bowl was marked $5.99 and the lid $1.99, but the cashier thought they were too high, so she gave them both to me for $5.99! Score! I am focusing pretty much on orange, yellow, green and red now, and I am editing my collection as you read this, so hopefully soon I'll post a few potential trades.

So glad I found an outlet for my hysteria, and proof to the boyfriend that I'm not the only one!!

Happy Pyrexing!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

My yellow summer loves

A short while ago I pledged to thrift only close to home - or elsewhere but only if I had another purpose for being in the area - due to high gas prices. I did break my rule once over the last couple months, but I found nothing after 3 hours of driving around to numerous thrifts.

So I'm back to shopping 'locally' again, and have been handsomely rewarded! I found this lovely yellow Hostess 2.5qt casserole with its lid, and very few scratches, at SA for $8.
Love that lemony yellow colour!

And yesterday I think I gasped a little when I found this Gourmet casserole. 
I didn't remember its name on the spot, but I suspected that it was a promo. I was right! It's from 1961, and they issued 3 versions of it with the most popular one having the delphite interior. This one is a lovely soft yellow with gold leaf. It's in great shape and has never been baked in, probably just used for serving and storage. $5 at VV with no lid. It's only the second promo I had ever found at a thrift so I'm pretty happy about it :)

Thanks for reading! The Vintage

Flea market pyrex

I had a blast at an outdoors flea market this weekend with some fellow pyrex lovers!  Check out my haul:

My friends went home with some Pyrex too (balloons, turqoise, lasagna pan...) and Catherineholm.  A good time was had by all!  :)

Lucky thrifter

Sunday, June 26, 2011


I just joined the Pyrex Collective II and figured I should jump in and introduce myself. I am Cara-Mia, a twenty-six-year-old living in southern California - as in a few miles away from the Mexican border. Last month, I became engaged and have since gone into nesting-mode, looking at items for the future home (er, apartment) my fiance and I will have together when I join him up in San Diego after we get married in February.

Anyway, since I am in nesting-mode, these dishes stood out to me at a thrift store in Arizona.

Cute vintage Pyrex! My mother has a Colonial Mist Pyrex collection that she received over thirty years ago, so I definitely grew up using Pyrex. I thought it would be fun to have some of my own, especially in a color that I plan to really use in my own kitchen.

I went online to see what else was available in this print, and was pleased to find so many cute things! It didn't take long to get hooked. (Unfortunately, I do not live near any good thrift shops, so most of my shopping will be done on Ebay. I've already ordered some cute pink Pyrex pieces that I will also have to make a post about.)

Well, that's enough for now. It's nice to meet you all, I've been enjoying your posts.

Hello, Rainbow Cake! Thank you, Pyrex Mixing Bowl!

When my daughter's first birthday rolled around this year, I just knew her cake had to be special.  And homemade.  I know, I'm weird like that.  And, since she is truly the sunshine of our days, I wanted to make her a rainbow cake.  Armed with a step by step tutorial which called for the use of two round cake pans, I decided a plain flat cake just wouldn't do.  A rainbow cake needed to look like a rainbow, not just a layer cake with rainbow colors.

So an experiment was in order.  I called my mom.  Here's the convo:
Me:  Mom.  I need to make a cake in the shape of a rainbow.  What should I do?
Mom:  I don't know honey.
Me:  You know the old pyrex mixing bowl set you gave me?  You know, the set Dad got me from the thrift store?
Mom:  Yes.
Me: Can I actually bake a cake in a pyrex bowl in the oven?  Or will it explode into a million pieces?
Mom:   I don't think it will explode.  I think you can.  I think people have been doing it for years.  Why don't you try it?

Feeling frisky (and a bit wary) I took my vintage pyrex mixing bowl and filled it full of a boxed cake mix separated into 6 food colored parts, layered on top of each other one at a time.  Does that count as homemade?  Hmmm...maybe not.

With great fear and trepidation, I put that mixing bowl into the oven.  Please Mr. Vintage Pyrex.  Make me a rainbow cake without exploding.  It's for the baby.  You can do it.  I know you can.

Sure enough, Mr. Vintage Pyrex did not disappoint.  It made a perfect rainbow cake, to top off a perfect first birthday.  Hello, rainbow birthday cake!  Thank you, Pyrex mixing bowl!  (And thank you Mrs. Milkglass for the pretty plate presentation!)

To see more of this cute baby or fun yard sale and thrift store finds, visit me over at yard sale mommy!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

441 Love

Today I decided to do a little photo shoot for my #441s. I didn't realize I had so many until I started looking around and realized I have a pretty little collection of the 441s, so a photo shoot was in order. 
These cute little Cinderellas make for cute pictures so I just thought I'd share.
What's your favorite Pyrex size?
The #441s have definitely won me over...
Thanks for looking!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Ugh the Horror!

I went to an estate sale today and saw this:

I need/want this piece to be part of my collection and was broken hearted that someone would be so cruel. To add insult to injury--$3? Really?

I hold out faith that I will find something in better condition and worth the money. Snowflakes are my favorite.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


I wasn't around then, but I heard that it was a good year :). One thing that was good for sure was this---

I was tickled to find it at a chain thrift store today- hard to find things that aren't beat up there. I searched and the closest I could get to a pattern name is "floral". I was really bummed because there was no lid, well, according to Pyrex Love, it was not made with one. Yipee- I didn't miss out on a lid :). And it is in PERFECT condition- I am so excited! And I love the divided dishes - I know there are some that don't, but they are one of my favorites! I use them the most :) And orange is great!! It made me smile- a nice reminder of spring! Have a happy vintage day...

My First Trade

I conducted this trade a while ago now, but I just realized today that I never shared it! (shame on me)

I traded a 2qt snowflake blue casserole (this one)

for this 2qt verde bowl

I tend to like bowls better than casseroles because I find them more useful. What kinds of pyrex do you all find most useful?


P.S. check out my thrifty finds on my new blog!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Shenandoah, Flamingo Pink and Snowflake Blue

I picked up some pretty pieces this past weekend at Goodwill. My first find was the Shenandoah 401 and 403 bowls for $5.
I'd never seen this print before - but there was no way I could leave behind such a pretty pale yellow set!
The next item I spotted was a 403 mixing bowl in the Snowflake Blue print. Blue pyrex is my favorite - and this bowl was in such great condition (and great price: $3) too. I already own 2 403 bowls (in Spring Blossom Green and Butterfly Gold) but I prefer the 2 I picked up today, so I may have to give away my 2 original bowls.
The final piece I found was a flamingo pink 2 quart round casserole for $4. It was missing its cover and has a small chip...but its is scientifically impossible to leave behind a pink pyrex item, right?

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Hello Pyrexers!
  I have found so much lovely Pyrex lately and wanted to share it with you all...

So much fun. Please feel free to visit my blog for more thrifty finds Joyful Treasure Hunting
The Joyful Thrifter

Estate Sale Pyrex

I went to a great Estate Sale on Friday not far from my office. This lady had tons and tons of stuff and much of it was still sealed or in original boxes or in great shape. I walked away with some great items.

 This flamingo pink casserole set was all stacked together and in absolutely great condition. They are almost mint. The pieces were dirty from storage but cleaned up amazingly. Do you think this was sold as a set? This set was only $10.

 Great Early American set mint in original box. I don't believe these were ever used they are in such great condition. I paid a little more than normal - $25 - but I've never had a set in the original box before.

This piece is in great condition but it does appear to have been a favorite and was probably used a little more often.- $3

If you would like to see more of my great finds check out my blog.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Weekends Well Spent

I can't do much thrifting for Pyrex during the week. Is it wrong that these few months I have been collecting Pyrex that I LIVE for the weekend so I can hunt for more pieces?
I picked these pieces up a couple of weekends ago:

See my blog for more. Warning--photos galore!

Hope you all are finding great pieces this weekend!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Leave No Pyrex Unturned

Today I got to a suburban Goodwill and immediately checked out the cart full of gray bins to see what was headed to the shelves. At some of our local GW's they put up signs telling customers not to dig through the "new" item bins - but luckily this GW was not one of them. I spotted this at the bottom of the bin, and I almost didn't dig them out, because the reflection of the outside colors made it look like some Autumn Harvest mixing bowls, which I already have a complete set of:

But I am SO glad I did take the time to dig them out (they were under about 10 fragile wine glasses, sheesh!)

Because they weren't Autumn Harvest at all, they were this:
PINK! Glorious pink Pyrex mixing bowls! I think these came in a set of four, these are the two middle sizes. I happily paid $3.50 for the smaller bowl, $4.99 for the larger bowl.

When I first started collecting Pyrex, the Debbie Downer that I was assumed I'd never find any pink Pyrex (my favorite) but so far I've collected two Gooseberry bowls, the Dessert Dawn dish, and the Flamingo Pink Pie dish. Since May.
(Sorry for the bad quality color photo above! They look dull, yuck..)
Now I have two more pink pieces to add to my collection, and they're in great condition.

Today I also spotted, still in the bins waiting to be shelved also, some Snowflake Blue Corelle. Until now I haven't ever been tempted to pick up any Corelle dishes, which I see quite often, but these matched the Snowflake Blue Pyrex, which is one of my favorite patterns. So I went ahead and got several Corelle dishes as well.
That's 1 small covered (butter?) dish, 1 oval platter, 1 large bowl, 2 medium bowls, 8 small plates, and 8 bowls for a grand total of $8.50!

Which was perfect because just a few days ago I found this Pyrex butter dish at another Goodwill for $2:
I'm loving the Snowflake Blue pattern. 
That little dish is interesting to me in that the dish is marked Corelle but the lid is marked Pyrex. It's so cute!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Practical Pyrex

My gramma recently came over and saw my Pyrex collection. She is too practical to collect anything much less 'old dishes' but she is still supportive and I think in awe of how much I have collected in such a short amount of time. She called me a few days later to tell me she had something to give me. I was so excited when I made it over there. She gave me this unused set still in the box. When I asked why she never used it, she said, 'They were too nice to use.' Turns out she is not ALWAYS practical.

I was thrilled to have this as part of my collection. I have been thinking about selling or trading some of my pieces but I tend to get sentimental about pieces. I am definitely keeping this set.