Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Weekend Finds!

On our Denton trip I picked up a few pieces of Pyrex. I was so disappointed at some of the antique stores we went in, they were those places that have all kinds of everything, and nothing at the same time. Patricia had scouted out the "Desert Dawn" 8 inch round a few weeks ago.
At first I passed on it as it had a $15 price tag, but after all our shopping I decided to give it another try. I went in and as I was checking out the lady said "OH I love this stuff!"  and I said "Really? Whats your favorite piece?" and she said "I just love my two-quart casseroles"  and I said "I love my 404's and cake pans!" and she paused a minuet and said - "Tell ya what, your a good kid, I can tell- you can have it for $10." SOLD!

*  *  *
During our walk around the square, we stopped into a "Hipster" run antique store, After searching and searching, it looked like the oldest thing in the shop was from 1989. Then in the back of the store about 10 feet from where I was standing, My Pyrex senses started tingling.
I saw the very top of this Butterprint Cinderella its a (number)  I dug it out from where it was and saw it had no price tag. CRAP I thought, these people are going to take me to the bank on this... So I go up to the counter and the girl behind the register puts down her mandolin and cat and says "Can I help you?" I said "yes, could you tell me how much this bowl is?" *she looks it over* "Wow this old, like REALLY old I don't think I've ever seen one like this before... *Aw Crap, I think* she then says "Well its really grungy, and I don't think thats coming off... how about $10?"  SOLD!
Well when I got home that night, I let it soak in hot bubbly water and used one of those magic cleaning eraser sponges and it cleaned right up and looks brand new!

We couldn't help but smile, we got a $35 bowl for $10 because of that girls unwillingness to give it a good scrub! 

I think we're going to keep Oranges in it... take THAT Hipsters!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I found a Kim Chee casserole dish today.  It's more of a mustard yellow and not quite as light as in the photos.  I now have sixteen Pyrex casserole dishes!  Yikes! 

More of my collection!


Since my Pyrex collection is still small(ish), I'll try to catch up and show you a bunch of the pieces I've found in the past few months.

My second time buying Pyrex was through Craigslist.  A man was selling his mother's things since she moved, and I got these six pieces (only one was missing a lid)!  Three Butterprint bake, serve and store casseroles and three Gooseberry round casseroles (I think, I get those types of casseroles confused)!

They're in perfect condition!  I love them :)

I remembered that at a used bookstore in town, they also sometimes have random housewares stuff.  I found this almost right after I walked in the store!  A Colonial Mist cinderella bowl.

I had trade money left over from reselling some books one time, so it was sort of like getting it for free!

I found this Snowflake divided dish (with a lid) at the other bookstore location.  It's so pretty!

A dance theater where I used to take trapeze classes had a big rummage sale so my husband and I took a walk to go check it out.  Right away I saw these three pieces.  Two Verde oval casseroles and a fridgie!  $5 total!  I was so excited :)

That's pretty much the rest of my collection!  I have a few other things I need to take pictures of so I'll post those eventually :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Date Chocolate Chip Cake in Spring Blossom-Yum!

I picked up this large minty Spring Blossom dish a few months back at a thrift store for $1.50. In fact the first time I saw it I passed on it since I wasn’t collecting green Pyrex. Well it was still there a couple weeks later so I bought it thinking I would sell or trade it. Ha! It looks like it was hardly used. This pattern has really grown on me, and I almost never come across this size pan; I only have one other. I think I’ll hang onto it for a while! Since I found this pan I have added a few bowls and casseroles in the older style Spring Blossom to my collection. The pattern does look very “70s” but it is so cheerful too! What do you think?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hello pyrex world!

Hello fellow Pyrex addicts.
I have been lurking for a while and finally got a chance to take a picture and make an introduction!
Here is a view of my displayed collection so far.

From Drop Box

I have only been collection since mid-summer. It started with Fireking and moved on to Pyrex. At first I was buying everything I could find, but as you probably have experienced, I started to get a better feel for what I really loved.
I have a bit more that I don't display and probably don't plan on keeping. My favorite patterns are Horizon blue, all of the primary sets, spring blossom and Butterfly Gold.
I have also been collecting vintage Corelle and decided to forego the traditional 'china' collectiion for a mix and match table set of the stuff. I love the look of it in action!
From Drop Box

I love all the fun finds I see posted here. It definitely seems like my Goodwill is picked over (I think they are putting all the good stuff on their online auction site), so I live vicariously through you all!
Also, I don't have much space in my little hutch, so I will need to slow down a bit until I can move to a different house or buy another cabinet! Also, I need to convince the hubby I am not a hoarder.
So, that is that! Hello Pyrex World!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Don't Ever Challenge a Pyrex Addict!

Two weeks ago, I spent a very enjoyable hour incorporating my new Pyrex finds into the antique cupboard where I keep them at my cottage, re-arranging them into a pleasing display.

As I stood back to admire my work, my husband walked by and said "Looks like it's full. I guess you can't buy any more."


Does that not seem like a challenge to you?

So this is what I've acquired over the past two weeks:

So many lovely little pieces of Pyrex.

The perfect little flamingo cake pan came first, from a Value Village for $3.99. The extra lid on top of it came from a Salvation Army.

I answered a Craigslist ad and found one of the contributors to the Pyrex Collective I who was thinning down her collection (thanks, Lolie Jane!) From her I got all the Butterfly Gold and the Butterprint, lime and Horizon casseroles. I also bought a slew of Spring Blossom from her for my sister (you'll notice a couple of the duplicates worked their way into my collection).

The small snowflake casserole was found hiding on the bottom shelf of a Salvation Army for just $2.99.

The clear measuring cup, found at a Value Village for $1.99, is marked T&S Torrington Handmaid and looks quite old.

A previous Craigslist contact brought me the Horizon 444 and a friend traded me the Woodland casserole.

Like I said, so many lovely little pieces of Pyrex.

And, no, I don't think it's full.

If you live in the Toronto area, we are arranging an informal Pyrex swap meet for the evening of Oct 13th at a home in Milton. If you'd like to attend, you can contact me through the Flickr Pyrex For Trade discussion item here.

My Mom found it first!

My Mom visits a church thrift shop each week in B.C. where she found this lovely pink daisy casserole last week for only $2.00

At first, she said she found a "pretty vintage Pyrex" dish that had flowers on it. "What colour??" I asked, and "... they wouldn't be white daisies, would they?"

"Yes, that's right," she said.

Yikes! Despite some great pieces I've bought lately, this one remains elusive to me... and yet my mother found it!

The best part was when my Dad asked her with some trepidation, "You're not going to collect a ton of Pyrex now, are you?"

Friday, September 23, 2011

Pretty Pyrex

I found bright orange beauty in an op shop when I was on a short holiday on the coast. It has 'Crown' (with  pic of a crown) on the base. I am pretty sure that I have seen this marking with Pyrex on it as well. Does anyone know if  'Crown' make Pyrex (I am in Australia).  Groovy colour don't you think?! It does have a couple of chips to the paint (one that was under the price tag - grrr). Paid $2.50.

I have a new lap top and don't have any photo editing software on it yet so I apologise for the dish that is in the distance. Lol. My good ole Mum found this one for me sans lid. $3 Agee Pyrex.

I love this Agee Pyrex casserole dish that I found recently for $5. Seems that it would bit pricey overseas but an good price here. You guys find things so cheap! I have seen the bases for these selling for $20 in a junk shop - you have to be kidding me!!  Such a pretty colour. The lid is a bit slippery on it because it doesn't have a lip on the base for it to sit (it's smooth). The inside in clear glass which looks great but doesn't seem to wear well (see pic below).  I found this in a fantastic op shop that my sister took my to. They had so many fantastic things that I  almost couldn't contain myself when I walked in, am itching to get back there soon.

If the interior was white glass you wouldn't even notice the bottom.

Happy Pyrexing from Hello Vintage

My first Daisy and I'm chipping & dipping

Hi everyone!
I'm so excited to share my new acquisitions with you, so I'll get right to it.  A few days ago, Lolie Jane posted on PC1 that she was downsizing. Since we live in the same city I contacted her and we met up that same day.  Here's what I scored:
A full Daisy Cinderella set! I wasn't even planning to collect this pattern, but when I saw it I had to have it. 

I also got this Friendship 401.
It brings me one step closer to completing my Friendship mixing bowl set - just need the large 404 now.  And I found the butter dish at VV for a couple of bucks. The pattern is almost completely worn off but you can still tell it's Butterprint. It's the first butter dish I've ever come across in over a year of searching...

And another awesome acquisition...
A Chip & Dip bracket made by Carpenterdon and available in his Etsy shop. Now all my 441 and 444s are potential chip & dips! Here it is on my new Daisy set
I just love my new Daisy set and my new chip and dip bracket.
Hope everyone else is finding new patters to collect, and new ways to use their pieces :)

First post

Hi everybody!

My name is Amy and I'm so excited to be part of this blog!  I've been reading all of your posts for a couple of months...I love seeing the pretty pieces everyone has and hearing the stories behind them.  I started collecting vintage Pyrex about 2 months ago and I'm hooked :)  My husband and I got married in May and the house we're renting doesn't have a ton of room (which is probably a good thing!), but some pieces I just have to have!

I had never looked for Pyrex anywhere and we randomly decided to go into a little antique store very close to our rental house.  I almost walked out of the area they have set up like a kitchen, but I looked up just in time to see this!

A pretty butterprint fridgie!  I was SO excited!  And there was the start of my addiction :)

I'll post about my other finds soon!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

My name is Ashley, and I'm in love with Pyrex.

"Hiiiiii Ashley."

I won't say I'm addicted - not yet. I've only been collecting for the past month, but I'm already into double digits. This is my first post on the Pyrex Collective 2, and I'm thrilled to be here.

The first piece in my collection was purchased at an antique mall, and I way over paid. But, it's brilliant colour and fun pattern on the lid is what kick started my interest into these vintage goodies.

 Blue Horizon 045 2 1/2 Qt oval casserole

I almost passed over my second piece, but ended up purchasing it for significantly less at GoodWill in the closest city.

 JAJ 509 Made in England

Does anyone know the name of this pattern?

I have a ton more pieces, including my favourite - a lidless primary yellow fridgie that is perfect for eating goldfish crackers or other snackies.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

How to Alienate Pyrex Lovers

I didn't get a chance to do much thrifting this weekend. I did find some pieces at antique malls that were insanely overpriced and nothing that I couldn't live without.

I also crossed paths with a very pushy dealer who lectured me on everything Pyrex. But was wrong about almost all of it. She told me she was the Queen of Pyrex and knew everything there is to know. But that Pyrex and FireKing are the same company, Pyrex's delphite line is Bluebonnet - not Bluebelle, and Pyrex never made a Starburst piece. Correcting your potential buyers doesn't seem like the best way to close a deal, but ok. I was willing to look past all of that and keep searching, but she constantly corrected me when I was telling my son the patterns. I know I am a recent collector, but I know Friendship, when I see it. It's not Woodstock like she called it. In the end, we left rather quickly.

I also spotted this Rose colored Hostess Dish. I have never seen this color before but the price was too steep for me. $29.

I found my first clear fridgie and loaf pan and got some pieces off eBay. I got the pink lasagna pan, pink 503 and blue 502 off eBay. Not sure if the white bowl is part of a dinnerware line but I love it. The Terra piece and stripes bowl will likely go to my trade list.

Hope you all had some great finds!

Vintage Vault

Maxwell Street Days Oct. 2nd

Hello again, I wanted to remind anyone in or near southeast Wisconsin on October 2nd to head over to Cedarburg for the last Maxwell Street Days of 2011. You may have seen my last post about going to the previous one on Sept. 4th.
My wife and I took my mom and grandmother, everyone found some cool vintage stuff. Gran found some metal chickens(ya, she's a bit odd sometimes but we love her) to decorate the doors on her shed. Mom found a huge(5 gallons) glass bottle to use as a piggy bank and a bunch of jars of marbles. My wife and I had a blast finding a bunch of Pyrex, though somehow we stayed below our 100$ budget for the day. We'll definitely be heading back for the last Cedarburg flea market of the season. Hope to see you all there!

As you may know, I've been remaking the Brackets for the Cinderella Chip and Dip sets. Here's a pic of my final product. They are for sale in my Etsy shop.

And here, on my Golden Grapes Promo set.
Now I've been asked by several people if I will be making recreations of the other style brackets (shown in this thread on Flickr). I originally said no since these all are multiple parts brazed together. I've not had much experience brazing but I have been practicing a bit lately and think it can be done. I'll probably start with the "Top Hook" style shown here.

Mostly since I already have a Cinderella Set to test fit the final products. Once I find a Hostess set I can do that style too. Maybe we'll find a set down in Cedarburg.

In other news, I've started my own personal blog ( where I'll be posting about our rampant case of Pyrexia and also about the stuff I make in my spare time. Usually Woodworking and/or Welded Metal Art projects like the Deck Dragon I finished yesterday.
More photos of the dragon can be seen over on my Flickr profile, in the "Deck Dragon set.

That's all for today's post. Thanks for reading and I wish you all happy Pyrex hunting.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Everything tastes better in vintage Pyrex!

Hi folks! This is my first post on the Pyrex Collective II. I'm very excited with every new post that appears, and have been waiting until I had pics of my smallish collection before posting. I just LOVE the bright colors and patterns. Every time I use a piece of my collection, it just makes me happy. :)

As for the title of my post, here is part of what we are having for dinner tonight:

Cheesy potatoes in my newest acquisition - my Friendship fridgie! This was an antique mall purchase, but it was pretty reasonably priced, and in near perfect condition. I was super excited to see it, because Friendship is one of my favorites. I found a yellow daisy 2.5 qt. casserole with lid for $10 in the same booth. The fridgie was $15 (yikes).

Chicken in my snowflake garland lasagna pan. I hesitated about buying this one in a vintage store in my hometown, but it was PERFECT, and I know I'd have had a hard time finding this size while thrifting.

As for the rest of the collection, it's a little piecemeal so far, but here are a few more pics (I've since added a few more pieces). All of this came from garage sales, rummage sales, Goodwill, or Salvation Army.

Happy Pyrex Hunting!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bowl Separation for display

Ok... call me a noob.. but what is being used to separate bowls for display purposes?  And where do I find them?

Also... where to find Bar Keepers Friend?

Pyrexmania... it happened today!

Ladies... (and the Gent's out there too),

I pulled out ALL of my Pyrex today.  It put into perspective just how much of it I have collected over the last 4 weeks.  OMG!

After HOURS of working on this:

I have sorted, rewrapped, cataloged, packed and came up with 6 apple boxes of keepers and 3 boxes for trades/sell on ebay.   I will post a blog later this week with trades pictured by small groupings. 

Check out my blog here for all the details from today... and  my sad loss of a pink gooseberry! :(

vacation find - designs

While in Ohio the husband and I took the chance to antique while knowing we would have to keep our finds small.  Well, the pyrex was plentiful, and pretty cheap based on California antique standards!  I have always loved the designs pattern, but have never actually seen it in person.  When I found it for $11 in perfect condition, I decided it would be the perfect souvenir for me.

I think it works quite nicely with the rest of the family.
Love all the collections that have been shared lately on the collective!
What beautiful pieces!  Almost too much prettiness.
But not quite.