Friday, August 30, 2013

Check Out This Beauty

Look what I found!

To see this sweet bowl reunited with it's friends and to see what else we've been up to, check us out at The Adventures of Two (Pyrex Crazy) Thrifting Sisters, and Their Sidekick, Maddie.

Happy Hunting, Pyrex Friends!


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Garage Sale Find, and Pyrex Love!

Hi folks! After today, I decided I needed to write my second post ever for the Pyrex Collective II. My recent finds deserve to be shared!

Whenever I get out of the car to go to a thrift store, antique store, or garage sale, I have a little mantra that I say under my breath, "Big Bucks, Pyrex Love". Silly, but hey, whatever works, right?

Anyway, I spent a few hours out garage sale-ing this morning for the 141 Garage Sales (a 100-mile long series of garage sales in Iowa!). I saw a couple of pieces of pyrex that were seriously unloved, but I had to leave them behind (chipped, filthy, unpriced). We were nearly 2 hours in, and I had found exactly ONE thing to purchase (a Police record, lol).

Finally, at one place along the road, I stopped and found something that made me want to skip with glee. I found a dismantled Cosco bar cart in great condition... with no price. :( The ladies at the sale were busy, so we looked around, and I found a mixer and forced my son to carry it up to the register (he complained the whole time, of course). I asked about the cart on a whim, thinking it was probably going to be out of my price range.


The lady said it had never been put together, as long as she had had it, and by the way, here are the bolts for it. I skipped the whole way to the car, cart pieces in hand and under arm, popped it in the trunk, and proceeded to mostly strike out at the other garage sales, before deciding to just go to a couple of antique stores in Des Moines to spend the rest of my garage sale money (on Pyrex, of course!).

The whole time we were carrying the cart pieces out to the car, my son kept grilling me, "What are you going to do with that cart? Where is it going to go?"

Well, THIS is what I had in mind:

A place to show off my Pyrex collection! Well, a good portion of it, anyway, LOL!

The yellow large fridgie, and the small square ramekins were purchased today at a flea market store, and an antique store. The fridgie was $7 (flea market!), while the ramekins were 15% off, and ended up being $2.13 each! The fridgie is PERFECT. I accidentally completed my butterprint fridgie set when I found the rectangular one at a rummage sale earlier this spring for $1. Yellow dots was an antique store find for $10, if I remember correctly.

The two yellow mixing bowls are in perfect condition, and were $15 for the pair in a little shop in Door County, Wisconsin, where I spent my vacation (and worked a ren-faire!). Mod Kitchen was from the same antique store where I found Yellow dots and the ramekins. The larger charcoal snowflakes space saver was a Fish Creek, WI, find for $6! The smaller space saver was a Goodwill find this week ($4!), while the casserole was found in June. Someone had hidden it amongst plastic ware. My Pyrex-spidey-senses made me look a little closer at that bottom shelf. :) Up until that point, I had never seen this pattern in person, even in an antique store, and now I've found 3 pieces in a month. Lucky me!

The turquoise snowflakes are some of my favorites! The white one on the bottom (not divided) was one of the very first pieces I bought after starting to collect. The others have all made their way into my shopping cart at Goodwill over the last couple of years. For some reason, our Goodwill has been pretty good to me lately! I found a red hostess bowl with lid last week, too, for $7.

Other recent finds (mostly today!): 

The Friendship bowl, and pink daisy were found today, and were 15% off. Friendship is my MUST HAVE pattern, so I spent a little more than I should have - $16 something, after discount. Pink Daisy was $11 something after the discount. No lid, but lids nearly always turn up! The flamingo square baker was found at the same Goodwill where I found the red hostess dish. The red fridgie with lid was found today at the flea market store, and was $4. 

All in all, I had an AWESOME day!