Sunday, December 4, 2011

Yellow 015 with 515 lid{hostess}

Well, I have really been wanting to post on here since the lovely Erin gave me permission.  I thought that today would be a lovely day to start because it is my 29th {eeeeeek} birthday.
I found this rare little beauty at an antique store a few weeks ago for the awesome price of $7 {originally marked $14, but all glassware was 50% off; yes please!}

After my research, here is what I found:

After I got her home, look what I found on the back: 

This is my oldest & most favorite Pyrex to date. & overall, she is in pretty good condition: 

& here is a lil tip I learned from another collector out&about while thrifting.  
So far, I have seen no damage, but use at your own risk. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend & getting some good finds.  



  1. Great find!! I have the aqua bowl, but without the lid. I hope you can find the 4 small dishes to complete the set!

  2. What site is your screencap from? I thought I new them all, but I'm not familair with that one.

  3. Welcome, Kate, and happy birthday!
    I wonder about poor Mabel N, too; did she take her Pyrex to a potluck, and forget it? A cautionary tale for all of us...

  4. I have that same yellow one with the lid. It's a great shape and size, I love the rounded sides and bottom. I wasn't aware that there were matching ramekins, so thank you fot adding that info! The pink ones are pretty, I think.

  5. Thanks for the scotch brite tip. Shame on those who don't take good care of their Pyrex!

  6. Thanks guys! @Magdalene---its :) Then, go under Pyrex Profiles, then "When was that Pyrex pattern or piece introduced? Part One: 1940s to 1950s." Then, there is one that is 1960s-1980s. I love that little site :)

  7. Hi Kate, thanks very much for the info!

  8. I always wonder who had the Pyrex before me. I think about all the dinners, birthday cakes, holiday pies, etc that it has seen. I'm glad Im not the only one :)