Monday, December 12, 2011

One found, one given away.

I found this little number at an op shop that I pop into now and then on my way to work. I didn't see it straight away but jumped at it when I did.  I wish I was more eagle eyed because I am sure I miss treasures here and there. 

This one actually has a lid, I don't normally find dishes this shape with lids. It was $6 and looked like new, paint is in fantastic condition as you can see, however I found a flat chip on the handle part when I got it home. It's not very noticeable though.  I am still happy!

My friend and I were chatting the other day and she told me she has two large Cinderella mixing bowls, but is missing the smaller one. I mentioned to  her that there should be four bowls (maybe I shouldn't have told her - lol). I knew I had the size bowl she was after put away somewhere. She said that she wasn't fussy about it matching her other bowls so it became hers. I wasn't really a fan of the Gooseberry pattern when I first bought this bowl (for $1) but it has since  grown on me.  I tells ya, she must be a good friend to be offered one of my precious mixing bowls (which is my thing at the moment). Luckily she is - lol.

Oh my precious Gooseberry, how I miss ya! I know you have a good home now and I can still visit. Hee Hee

Have a great week! Sherry @ Hello Vintage

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