Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas to me! (and all of you!)

I've had a few very good Pyrex days.
The other day I was out visiting my inlaws and
found all of these!

Autumn harvest is one of my favourite patterns. It was 1.99.
I don't love the woodland pattern, but, I do love that oval casserole. It was 4.99 and the verde lid which came without its dish was 1.99. I'll find you one day.
Then, at goodwill I found this! I was so excited when I saw it. It was hiding face down under a few pie plates and other uninteresting stuff. There was no matching dish though. oh well.
  Went thrifting this morning at some value villages that I don't normally visit. I found some real gems.This awesome Town and Country oval casserole, it was 5.99. Then this Colonial Mist 472. I never used to love this pattern, but it's really grown on me.

Then I found this beautiful Golden Acorn divided dish. with a lid!!!! I thought it was a steal for 5.99. It's finds like this that make it worth it for me. I love this!

And last but, definitely not least. I found this! I tried to find a name for the pattern, but, couldn't really nail one down. Any help? It's not in the best shape, it has a few scratches and some utensil markings but, I love it just the same. I was really hoping for some christmas pyrex, and this is good enough for me.

It was hiding with some sad looking pink mixing bowls. I wanted to take them home but, the small one was 4.99 and the larger was 5.99. That's a bit much for two bowls that are ruined.
I also saw this unfortunate bowl. A pink daisy cinderella 403 that had also seen better days.

Also, I don't know if anyone on here watches (or, watched since it was cancelled awhile ago) American Dreams but if you do there are lots of pyrex cameos. Like this one, a snowflake blue 404? anyone recognize the one with wheat (or are they trees?) on it?

Thanks for reading! (sorry for the length, I just had to share it all!)
Happy Holidays!


  1. No problem with length when the topic is Pyrex.

  2. I would have brought that poor pink daisy bowl home. And then spent a week trying to clean it. haha!

    That Town and Country oval casserole is a beauty. I have not seen that pattern in person. And I love the oval casserole size bowls.

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  4. Thanks!
    I wanted to bring it home with me too, but, I already have so many sad pieces. I love my town and country, there's a 444 cinderella bowl at an antique shop near my cottage that I have my eye on now. I've seen so many pink dishes that are ruined, more than any other pattern actually.

  5. You got some great finds. I rarely find that much while thrifting. I'm lucky if I get one piece! In my opinion your best finds are the crazy quilt lid and the red Christmas casserole. I have that crazy quilt and I think it's my favorite piece in my collection.

  6. the christmas pyrex is a 1961 holiday promo piece and came with a matching lid (see my posted from a couple of weeks ago on the other pyrex blog). i was super excited with my find, too.

    congrats and happy holidays!!