Friday, December 30, 2011

Daisy Pink Pyrex....

Isn't it wonderful. I just love the daisy pink Pyrex. I found this today while thrifting at my favorite sketchy thrift store in Dallas. I now have two of these lovely oval bowls. Which thrills me. I now get to decide which one is in worse shape. So I can demote it to my stack of daily use Pyrex. I have been placing pieces of my pink Pyrex into daily rotation, that I consider "with issue's". 
I still only have the one divided serving dish in the pink daisy. So this beauty still lives on the dusty shelf in my kitchen. Where I hoard all my perfect pink Pyrex.
Now I did get these two small refrigerators for Christmas. And they are in wonderful shape. But one of them has it dang paper tag holding on. I am going to have to get some lighter fluid to get it off! But now I have 4 of these cuties. And none of them will be getting demoted to daily use. Too cute to risk getting broke. 

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  1. Love the finds! Must be a pink time of year - I never find it until recently. I love how you have a daily use rotation too. I finally got my husband to realize that my orange new dots bowl was not for making pancake batter in! I bought him his own little bowl and life is good!

  2. Have you tried rubbing alcohol to get the sticky paper off? Always works for me. Your pinks are very pretty. You're lucky to have found two of the casseroles!