Friday, December 9, 2011

Mismatched Sets are Beautiful Too!

My thrifting has been a bit out of control these last few weeks because I haven't been working. This week I got these three lovely bowls:

The bottom one is the most stunning colour of pink! I was so excited about the middle one because I have a platter with this rose on it and I love it so much I display it like art.

I also found these mugs, which are Crown Pyrex.

There are some more pictures on my blog too.

Happy Hunting!



  1. I just gave away a Gooseberry yellow bowl to a friend because she wanted a bowl that size for her set. It didn't match but it made her happy (I do miss it though - :( - lol). Love th pink bowl.

  2. Is the pink one Crown too??? Never heard of a pink Cinderella bowl! I love how the 3 bowls look together!

  3. The pink one is JAJ, which is the British version of Pyrex I think.