Thursday, December 22, 2011

First Snowflake!

Merry Christmas, Pyrex people!

I caught the Pyrex bug only about three months ago, and have not yet lucked into any Christmas Pyrex, so my December kitchen display had to be "Primary":

At least we have some red and green in there.

I didn't even have a Snowflake piece until last week, when I found this beauty...

...which the nice people at Goodwill had priced at $3.00, probably because it looked so ugly with its companion lid:

I'm guessing they were embarrassed! So I got a perfectly good Verde lid, and a turquoise Snowflake, for the three bucks!

Wishing peace to all, happy holidays, and many festive tables adorned with Pyrex.


  1. Nice! I have that snowflake piece! I need to locate it ASAP as Christmas is almost upon us. :)

  2. I have a verde lid too on a mismatched piece!

  3. I found a snowflake divided dish with the verde lid as well, how odd!