Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Small Haul of Pyrex Mugs by a Pyrex Collective Newbie!

Hello, Pyrex Collective!

This is my first post here. I wanted it to pack more of a Pyrex punch, but as the momma of 3 littles, I need to grab time (and Pyrex pictures) when I can so, without further ado...

A couple of days ago my husband had off from work and we headed out to a very sketchy area for some junk shopping. I rescued a cute little bunch of Pyrex mugs. Take a peek!

I am a big fan of Butterfly Gold so these mugs will join the couple of other pieces of this pattern in my collection. I think I will collect both shapes. I have lots of Spring Blossom mugs and also the creamer. I'm not sure how many mugs I need in this pattern but I think these bring my Spring Blossom well into the teens. The other pattern mugs I don't think I will keep but, well, you know. Gotta snatch 'em up!

These Pyrex striped mugs are instant favorites of mine. I just love restaurantware! The mugs totally match but they have a different mark on the bottom. FASCINATING!

Copper Filigree, I want to make babies with you! Unfortunately, this mug is my only piece in this pattern. It reminds me of this pattern of restaurantware I saw in the fall at Fishs Eddy. Homer Laughlin? Probably.

The little saucer it's sitting on is, surprisingly, Hazel Atlas. I love Hazel Atlas and even Glasbake. Yes, I love an underdog.

Well, those are my most recent finds. I only began collecting Pyrex seriously this September. I've gotten a few pieces thrifting but my two major hauls of larger pieces came from buying lots from collectors I found on Craigslist. One was moving and one was just becoming more selective in her collecting (Hi Melissa!).

Feel free to visit my blog Cottage ID and take a peek at some of my Pyrex in use.

Until next time! XO Deva


  1. welcome! I love pyrex mugs - those striped ones are pretty awesome - happy collecting!

  2. Welcome to Pyrex collecting! I started in June and haven't looked back. :) Love your mugs!