Friday, December 2, 2011

Verde, Fridgies, and Philbe--oh my!

My recent finds report!
After hitting up about 8 thrift stores this week {I have a problem} I *finally* found some decent Pyrex! This Verde casserole set is exciting for me because I found it in absolute mint condition. You know when you can just tell that a piece was never used? It's as shiny as the day it was born and there is not a utensil scratch to be found. I picked this set up for $19.99.

To show you how minty this set is, here I have the middle casserole next to an identical one I'd found ages ago, very beat up. I only paid 99 cents for it, though. 

 Speaking of 99 cents...

 I never find fridgies! But just as I was about to leave a Goodwill the other day empty handed, they bussed out another cart full of things to rummage through. After a little digging, I found these two Butterprint fridgies. Score!

Only one had a lid, but, check out these prices!
 99 cents each. Now that's more like it, Mr. Goodwill!
I was expecting to see $5.99 or possibly more, the way thrift stores have started to recognize collectibles and gouge us. So this was a happy surprise. 

Another Verde, another fridgie was destined to find me this past month, also:
 I'm thinking I'm going to use it to pile up my Christmas cards in this year!

This set is promised to a friend since I'm not a huge fan of Colonial Mist, but just one more bowl will make it a complete set. It was sold as a bundle, which I've been seeing more of lately--have you? It came with a sad, destroyed Daisy bowl:

Snowflake Blue, on the other hand, is one of my very favorites. I own almost the complete set of Corelle dishes which I've thrifted here and there. Those have been easy to find, but the actual Pyrex has been more elusive. Finally, I found the large Cinderella bowl recently, and a friend swapped me the casserole for a pink Dessert Dawn that I had multiples of. We both win!
 And I already owned the lime loaf dish, but I was excited to pick up the baking dish this past month, too. I love this color. It's so cheery. I will definitely hope for more of it...

One last thing!
So until recently I've considered myself a "Pyrex Purist." But then I started to fall for Fire-King's Sapphire Blue Philbe pattern. I'm curious if any of you other collectors pick up other glassware, or do you all just stick to Pyrex?

 I absolutely fell in love with this Sapphire Blue Philbe refrigerator dish I found recently! I snatched it up for $5.99. I didn't even know this pattern came in this size.
 I've also managed to thrift a pie dish and a casserole...

I just have a thing for this pattern, I guess! Are there any other Philbe collectors out there???
 I guess I'm a Pyrex Purist no more!
My husband is probably thinking, "Greeeaaat... another thing to collect!"

Merry Christmas!


  1. I love Fire King too! :) That's a beautiful pattern- I haven't seen it before. You have quite the haul!

  2. I also have lots of Fire King and Glasbake to mix in with all the Pyrex. I just can not walk away from a pretty dish. No matter whose name in on the bottom. And of all things, I have found on my adventure's, it is the Butterprint pattern I never come across.

  3. Love all your great Pyrex finds. I too love the Fire King Philbe pattern. I only have a few pieces but they are so pretty.

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  4. I have one piece of Fire King Swiss Alpine (a loaf pan) and would grab any others that I found. This is in addition to my many pieces of Pyrex, Corningware, and Corelle.

    Laura C

  5. What wonderful finds!

    I have a few pieces of the FK Philbe: pie plates in two sizes, a covered loaf dish, and an open roaster (not sure what happened to the lid). I might have a couple others, I don't really know. I picked up a couple at thrift stores and then there were a few pieces in my grandmother's things.

    I have all sorts of custard cups: FK, Pyrex, Glasbake, etc.

  6. You had a great week!

    I have a couple of Fireking white mixing bowls and a batter bowl and a loaf pan, and one little Jadeite dish. They caught my eye for their color or 'vintageness' and were killer prices. Will I start another collection? Probably not. The Pyrex and Corningware Blue Cornflower take up enough space :)

  7. I so covet your collection. In a nice way.

  8. I love Fire King Candleglow. My mom had a few pieces of it, and I always liked it, so I collect that in addition to Pyrex.

  9. That is such beautiful detailing on the Fire King, I have been tempted lately, too, but haven't had much luck with really beautiful designs like that!

  10. Man, you sure do have an amazing collection. Okay, this is so funny, but my sister has your green display shelf pinned on pinterest :) <3

  11. I feel your pain on the whole goodwill price thing! My biggest issue is ANY pyrex seems to be getting the same price, so even "newer", or less valuable patterns are through the roof!

    wonderful pieces - I have a few fireking pieces too, but I really LOVE the sapphire blue pieces you are collecting!

  12. I think I have the blue Colonial Mist bowl that's missing from your set... it's the only one I have :)

  13. I have a philbe loaf dish, I got at a yard sale for $1!!

  14. I also have a collection of Fire King Sapphire Blue Philbe pieces. My biggest problem is that my husband keeps trying to put them into the dishwasher - he really is trying to help out. I am continually rescuing them from the dishwasher and washing them by hand. I use the pieces every day ..... we have a large depression glass show here in Ontario every spring, and some of the sellers have a lot of FireKing.

  15. I collect Philbe dinnerware which is by Hocking before they became Anchor Hocking and sometimes the the Fire King pattern Sapphire Blue gets called Philbe. The designs are close but the dinnerware is much older, almost impossible to find and only came plates, goblets, pitchers, cookie jars cream and sugar dinnerware pieces while Sapphire Blue comes is ovenware.