Friday, December 16, 2011

Bubble Wrap Galore

My husband and I are in the process of moving to Nashville, TN for a job he got at Vanderbilt University. It's a wonderful opportunity for us but moving is never fun. I'm freaking out about moving all my Pyrex, Fire King, and Fiestaware! I've gone through a ridiculous amount of bubble wrap and still have more to pack.

Have any of you moved your collections before? Do you have any words of wisdom for a newbie collector?

I'm freaking out. I'm going to be the only one allowed to carry the boxes and they will be driving with me and my cats in my car. My Pyrex will definitely not be seeing the inside of the U-Haul!

-Sarah Lillian


  1. You will love Nashville and the Vandy area. I hope you are close to West End because its oh so perfect! I live in Knoxville, TN but have my bestie and family in Nashville. Congrats & good luck moving all your lovelies!

  2. I let the movers pack and handle it. If they break it I can always find another piece.

    I move a lot, I have to take a relaxed attitude towards it. Otherwise it would drive me crazy.

  3. When I moved I just used a lot of bubble wrap, like it looks like you're doing. I did put the boxes in the U-Haul, but I was only going across town. Everything survived intact.