Sunday, October 23, 2011

Staying in the know...

Hi everyone!  My name is Katie and I'm a new contributor to the Pyrex Collective.  I've only been collecting for the past 6 months or so, but it has started to become a problem!  Seriously...  I travel for my job and have been finding myself mapping out all the thrift stores in my region and just "making" time to stop and take a spin through.  I usually pull into a parking lot and tell myself, "Ok, you have 5 minutes and $5"!

Today, I'm here to ask all of you addicts collectors how you organize your goods on paper.  I started keeping a notebook of all the details (i.e. date, piece, size, color, #, pattern, where I got it, and how much  I paid).  Ok, I know I'm a little OCD here, but I like having all that written down so I can quickly look and see what I have.  I was making each page a different color family and then printing photos of the pieces (Tuesday and Wednesday prints are $0.06 at Ritz Camera).  That was great when I started out with 15-20 pieces, but I'm getting a little carried away now and this system doesn't work well for a larger collection. 

Is anyone out there as ridiculous as I am and likes to have photos along with all the info handy?  I know some of you will say I should do it digitally but I like having something I can carry with me all the time.  So how do you do it?


  1. OMG, Katie, you are my Pyrex Organization Hero! I covet your system!

    I did a list of my inventory by pattern and number on Word that I printed and take with me to thrift stores. I also take a picture of each piece I buy and note where I got it and how much I paid. I created folders on my computer for each of the thrift stores that I go to frequently and filed pictures of the pieces that I have bought for each thrift. Then I can quickly look in each folder and see if a particular thrift has been a good place to find Pyrex or not.

    One collector I met printed photos of the Pyrex catalogue pages that Mackem 54 has on his Flikr photostream and she marks on those what pieces she has in the various patterns. They are a handy size.

  2. Awesome! We have a spreadsheet that we update as we purchase new pieces. Boyfriend is way better with Excel than I am so he set it all up by pattern, he includes a main pattern photo (either from internet-land or one of our own), pattern name, info on each individual piece, and a section for special notes. We put things like 'chip in lid, could use another', 'silverware marks, if find in perfect condition, BUY!', etc. in that section.

    As for carrying something with us, we print it out and I carry it in my purse for reference when out thrifting!

  3. i just have a simple list as a text document on my laptop that i update when i get a new piece. its alphabetical by pattern name and i list the size numbers of the pieces that i have. i also keep a list of the pieces that i've traded and those that i gotten in return for the trades.

    your system is so pretty and official looking! at least you can show people your "hobby" when they look at you funny when you say you collect vintage pyrex. most people just say "huh?" to me! its all about good documentation


  4. OK I am in love with this system. Not sure if I will do it, but I love it!

  5. I have an Excel spreadsheet that I am definitely a little overly OCD about. I didn't know other Pyrex addicts did it too. I feel a little better now :)

  6. Ha! This post amuses me because I thought I was the only one. While I'm no where near as efficient and organized as you are, I have an Excel spreadsheet of my wanted patterns and pieces. I also take pictures of all pieces, and write all the details of each piece in a list in the notes app of my iPhone. I like the idea of a more involved system that includes the general shape/appearance of the piece, so you know if you could look for something better! Would also come in handy for selling/trade.

  7. I document all my Pyrex pieces on an Excel spreadsheet. I also take pictures every time I acquire a new piece. I don't think it's OCD at else would you keep up with all of it especially if you have hundreds of pieces?

  8. No, you guys aren't the only ones!! Thanks for the feedback. I put some thought into it and came up with a new system. I'll be sharing soon!!