Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hellooo, Everybody

Long time lurker, first time poster.
My name is Tiffany and I blog over at Flea Market Fancy. I'm a recovering housewares hoarder with a soft spot for Pyrex and I'm just ticked pink to be posting here at the Collective.

My current prized piece of Pyrex is my large Gooseberry Pink Cinderella bowl. I snagged it in near mint condition at a flea market for $15.00. My collections right now are of Butterprint and Spring Blossom Green with a few Flamingo Pink bowls. All are stored in my 1940's cherry china cabinet.

The above picture is from my recent flea market destash. I had a Butterfly Gold butter dish that went to its new forever home, a covered Horizon Blue dish, an Autumn Harvest mixing bowl and two lovely pieces of Woodland in the light and dark brown.


  1. That is a mighty big detash! Glad you're still collecting!

    Drop by for a visit!

  2. Wow, all from one flea market?! I wish we had better ones here in Tucson, but we don't so unfortunately I have to stick to Goodwills, Savers, and other thrifts of the like. This blog is awesome, and inspired me to buy my first couple pieces of Pyrex, now I got the fever and the only cure is more PYREX!

  3. What is the bowl lurking behind the horizon?

  4. Glasbake... I but I cant find the name for it!